Will my Summer Baby be Ready for School?
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Will my Summer Baby be Ready for School?

Even though it isn’t that long since she turned three, I have just applied for a primary school place for Molly for next September. I must admit, I am absolutely not ready for her to be in school. She is my baby. How am I already applying to schools for her? It’s seriously felt like two minutes since she was born. Well, apart from the days where she has tantrum after tantrum all day. Those days feel like years…

I am panicking about school already and she hasn’t even started yet. To be fair though, I think my reasons for worrying about her starting school are pretty valid. Molly is a summer baby and I am concerned that she won’t be ready for school.

Both Molly and my niece Jessica will be starting in the reception class next year. Jess was born in September, Molly the following July. The developmental gap between the two is more than noticeable. It is huge! Yet they are going to be in the same school year, possibly even the same class.

Jess is a fully fledged little girl and she keeps asking my sister if it is time to go to the big school yet. She is more than ready for it and I have no doubt she’d fit right in if she was to start right now. Molly, on the other hand, is still very babyish in a lot of ways.

I have seriously considered delaying her start. I’m at least 90% sure she will be absolutely fine and do really well at school. But there is still 10% of me that worries if it will be too much for her and that the pressure of it will affect her wellbeing.

Molly is a homebody and a typical introvert; even at her young age of three, that fact is very apparent. She really doesn’t like being around big groups of people or noisy environments. I don’t know how she will get on in a class of around 30 children when she only just manages a much smaller group size at nursery.

The academic side of school is obviously of the utmost importance, I don’t question that, but I have to consider my child’s wellbeing above all else right now. She is young with a very impressionable mind and I worry that if she has a bad experience at the start of her school life, she will be put off the whole school experience for the many years she will be there.

I do have a tendency to overreact and I am probably being really hasty with my thinking right now, but I can’t help it. I have tried to put my concerns aside, for now at least, and have applied for schools anyway. I’ll hold off on my decision of whether she does or doesn’t start next year until closer to the time. I will thoroughly discuss it with her nursery and health visitor too.

I know schools deal with this every single year and they will have measures in place to deal with the summer babies if they need any additional assistance. Speaking to some of Molly’s prospective head teachers about my concerns was actually really reassuring.

Will my Summer Baby be Ready for School? I don’t know! So, for the time being, I need to stop winding myself up with all the what if’s because we still have a few months to go yet. That is a lot of time for her to grow and my doubts may be irrelevant in a few months’ time anyway.

Do you have a summer baby? How did they find the experience? Was there anything you or the school did to make them settle into the school life?

Sam x


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  • Donna

    Honestly, I wouldn’t worry. Michael is February, so in the middle really. But, that first year is really simple, a proper introduction. It’s not a huge step up from nursery. Year one is when it gets more schooly.

    At the very start of reception, you could maybe spot big age gaps, but the younger ones were fine. Michael was completely incapable of sitting still on the carpet, but it didn’t matter, they didn’t ever have to. By January they were all well settled!

    • stressymama

      That’s good to hear. I just hate the thought of her struggling because she’s almost a year younger than some of the other children.

      I did notice when viewing schools that reception was more like a play room than classroom, as oppose to the year 1 class that just had work books everywhere.

      I’m sure she’ll be fine, it’s just me being dramatic haha. X

  • Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

    My son was a summer baby too. Those few months makes a difference at that age. But, always being one of the youngest in his year pushed my smart son intellectually and he became sensible and knowing for his age. It’s the most natural thing in the world for us mums to worry, but its surprising how well these things can work out xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Noleen Miller

    I wouldn’t worry if I’m you. I did a blog post about this as my daughter’s birthday falls in December and that is very late for South African schools. But my daughter surprised us all in is socially and academically on par.#fortheloveofBLOG

  • Chloe

    Hi, I am sure that your worries will be soon eased once she starts and soon settles into the new routine#fortheloveofBLOG

  • Emma : Ettie and Me

    This is such a valid point, I have a summer baby too and worry because I’ll have less time with her at home than i would if she was born just a few months later. I think its natural for us Mums to worry and im sure it will be fine. Sending lots of summer baby mummy hugs x #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Ali Duke

    My daughter’s birthday is the end of July, I actually had her on the last day of the summer term! I was worried about how she would get on, but she has done absolutely fine. She is 12 now and doing really well at school. I am sure Molly will be fine once she starts and gets in to the routine of school.

  • Heather Keet

    My niece and nephew are the youngest in the classes, by about 8 months! It’s a huge difference but the teachers really are used to this so there haven’t been any problems requiring more than a bit of working. #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Lisa Pomerantz

    She is going to be FABULOUS! And so will you, once you realize how happy she is and how you have a tad bit of freedom on your hands! Relax, deep breaths, and of course, chocolate. xoxo #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness

    Oh Sam if I were in your shoes this would be going round my head too. This must be such a tricky conundrum. There are 2 examples I could tell you about from my son’s friends which would hopefully show you that either choice works well. Both boys are August born – one ‘held back’ (for want of a better phrase) so is now the oldest in his class and clearly that was the right choice for him as he is doing well. The other is in the ‘correct’ year group and so is the youngest in the class and is absolutely thriving too. I think you can apply and then still change your mind nearer the time when you liaise with the school anyway so that is hopefully reassuring. Lots of love. Xx #thesatsesh

  • Wendy

    Hi Sam, my little boy started school this September and he turned 4 in the middle of August. He is the youngest in his class and I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy for him but now, after 3 months, we are getting there and he seems happier than he did at September. The main issues we have had are he’s just been so exhausted after a day at school making him very emotional and grumpy when he’s at home. We have also had a couple of problems with him and some of the other children as he is not as developed as them when it comes to things like sharing and taking others feelings into account etc..in someone’s he is still very much like a toddler. His teachers have been BRILLIANT though and have kept me up to date with everything and I am relieved we are now turning a corner. I guess all I’m saying is your little girl may find starting school a b it more challenging at the start but it really doesn’t take long for them to settle in. Just talk to teachers if you have any worries, I know Leo’s said he could reduce his hours if things didn’t improve but they have. Sorry for the essay! I went through all these feelings last year but I’m glad we decided to send him in the end, whatever you decide I’m sure it will be the right thing for your daughter xx #thesatsesh

  • fridgesays

    #thesatsesh oh the answer sucks BUT…she’ll have to be. Little dude took to it really well, but i worried for the year prior. Children are way more adaptable than us lol…as you never stop worrying. Best of luck and try not to think about it too much, time is too precious to worry about the ‘what ifs’ (I know this is easer said than done)

  • The Mummy Bubble

    No words of wisdom I’m afraid as my two are under 3, but I totally understand you worrying about it. I’m going to be in bits when mine approach the first term of school #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    I’m in exactly the same boat. My daughter turned three in August and will start next September. We have two parties to go to this weekend for kids in her preschool who will be in her class next year and they’re obviously turning 4 now. My son is an April baby and he was fine, but academically he was always older than his years. My daughter struggles with a lot of things that he’d been doing for months by this age so I’m even more concerned. I’m looking forward to seeing how she interacts with the others at the parties as I think that will give me a better idea of how she’ll cope. I’m not planning to hold her back as I think reception does a good job of bringing them all to a similar level ready for year one, but I do worry and I’m definitely not ready, I feel like I’ve been cheated out of another year with her 😩