Where's The Excitement Of Playing Outdoors Gone!?
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Where’s The Excitement Of Playing Outdoors Gone!?

Now this is something that we can all relate to as a kid. Whether you had a street full of kids who would meet every day, or whether you lived out in the sticks a bit, you were always outdoors and having fun. There’s just so much adventure to be had out there, and at a young age, imagination is running wild. We were creating games and challenges in our heads, and it would be as if they were happening in real life. But this has all died down a little bit now. The culture has changed massively all around the world, and this is something that’s greatly affecting how the kids of today are being brought up. It seems there is no longer a focus on being outdoors and being active, it’s all about being tucked up indoors, on whatever gaming device is closest to hand. But this is just not how life should be. We need to try and rewind the clocks, and put the excitement back into outdoor play. If we can start now, we might be able to change the future generation into something great. But if you know you’re struggling with getting your kids outdoors at the minute, well we’re here to help. Here’s how we think you can put the excitement back into outdoor play!

Garden Fun

We know that one of the main reasons why people will say they prefer their kids to play indoors now, is because of the safety of the streets. But if you have any garden of any type, then you have room for some fun. One of the best ways to do so, is to have a look at 14 foot trampolines, or a smaller size if that’s what you need, and see if it would fit your garden. A trampoline is just one of the many ways that you can keep your kids fit, whilst keeping them outdoors and safe! It provides endless hours of fun, even into the night. As the darkness starts to appear, you could turn it into an outdoor cinema venue style thing. All you need is some duvets, and your laptop to play a film off. Your kids will love it, and it keeps them in the fresh outdoors even longer!

Adventure Time

Sometimes it has to be you that’s out there with them, creating that adventure. You could take them to your local park with some toys, and just get stuck in with wherever their imagination is taking them. All you have to do is play for a few hours, or go somewhere where you know they’re going to be able to meet other kids. There are so many parks with adventure trails as well, so just have a Google and see if there’s one in your area!

Creating That Circle Of Friends

Your kids really do need a good circle of friends to be able to have some outdoor fun, so get talking to the parents at school, and start inviting everyone round for some food, and let the kids play. The parents don’t even have to come, you could just make your home the place that all of the friends that your kids have come to play for a few hours, even if it’s just once a week!

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