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What To Stock Up On When There’s A Baby In The House

Do you think you’ve got enough baby items in your household? We’ve talked before about the bare necessities of a new baby household, but now we want to dwell a little on what there needs to be a ton of, in the fridge and the back of the cupboards! 

So, whether you’ve got a friend and her new baby coming to stay for a while, or you’re a fairly new parent yourself, here’s a bit of help on how to stock up your home properly. Babies need a lot of tender loving care, after all, but remembering to shop right and keep the little one calm in the papoose at the same time? That can be extremely difficult!

Cleaning Items

Babies can be very messy little beings. They have no concept of tidiness, and they’re going pee and poop all over the place if you’re not quick enough with a cloth and a nappy! It’s incredibly important you have plenty of packs of wet wipes, nappies, and any other cloths you may need for the various changing mat times of the day. 

Of course, some materials won’t suit your baby well, and your baby may have allergies to some others, so be sure to mix and match until you find something that suits. And the easiest way to do that? Stock up! 


Babies are hungry little creatures, and the bottle they depend on, or the breast milk they get every day, are the only ways they get the nutrients and minerals needed to grow big, healthy, and strong. Of course, depending on their age, babies don’t have the stomachs for much else, and this milk is the only place they’ll get their hydrating source of water from as well! 

So, stock up on newborn formula ahead of time – you can never be sure how you or your baby are going to take to breastfeeding, and it’s good to get a scope of the market before you really need to. And that friend that may be coming over? Well, it’s always nice to be able to offer the baby a drink as well, seeing as coffee won’t be too popular! 

Some Things to Stave Off Boredom

Even babies can get a little bit bored with what’s in front of them, and as they get older and older, the world is going to become a big place they want to explore. So, whilst you have the time now, make sure you invest in some key developmental toys, and sensory items like gyms and stuffed toys and blankets, to always keep your baby happy and entertained. 

And if you see a sale on, or you have a monye off coupon, put it to good use! Save your money whilst you can, seeing as your baby is only going to look for more and more to do. 

If there is a baby in the house, it’s time to stock up on the essentials, especially if you’re on a budget! 

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