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What are STEM Subjects?

STEM is an approach to learning that combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Through STEM, children will develop many key skills including: problem solving, teamwork and computational thinking.

STEM knowledge and STEM skills can open the door to many excellent career opportunities for your child in the future. This is because as technology develops a variety of key industries will rely on individuals with STEM-based qualifications.

I have collaborated with an independent school in Hampshire to highlight the many benefits of studying STEM subjects…

STEM at School

Children will start exploring STEM subjects as early as nursery. When they reach primary school they will begin to understand the connections between each of the STEM subjects, as well as their importance in the real world. Most schools integrate STEM subjects into their curriculum, in order to help young people develop an interest in these areas. More recently schools have introduced subjects like coding, to give children a wider range of employment opportunities in the future.

STEM at home

Parents can also encourage STEM learning at home. A great place to start is by pointing out STEM learning opportunities in the world around them. Let them explore nature and teach them about our planet and space. Stimulate their curiosity with small science experiments at home, and play games and puzzles to help develop their problem solving skills. Even baking can help a child to develop their maths skills by calculating quantities and measurements.

There are many fun and interactive activities you can do at home to explore STEM subjects and the great thing is your children will have so much fun they won’t even realise they are learning!

To learn more about STEM subjects and how you can help your child to explore them, speak to your child’s school. They will be able to give you an overview of the curriculum and offer advice on how to support STEM learning at home.

*Collaborative post