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‘Stressy Mama’ is the personal blog of Samantha Mayers and the content may be opinionated. Such opinions are my own personal thoughts and not that of any affiliated organisations.  Comments left on blog posts are the opinion of the visitors to the ‘Stressy Mama’ website. I hold no accountability for content and comments you are not in agreement with. Blog posts are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only.

While I try to ensure that any information provided in blog posts is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge, there may be occasional errors or omissions, which I am not liable for. I am not liable for losses, injuries, or damage from anything you have read on the website. Please do not take any information provided to be fact or advisory. I am by no means a professional, and as stated, content is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please seek expert advice should you need to.

As the owner of the blog I reserve the right to write about what I want, in the style I want and when I want. I can change how I manage the blog and the content I provide if and when I see fit.


Health Related Blog Posts

Discussions of health related topics are of my personal opinion and/or experience and not that of a professional. Seek expert advice on topics you have enquiries about.


Craft Related Blog Posts

Craft related blog posts and instructions have been created and attempted to fit in with my personal lifestyle. You should adjust what you use for each craft post to suit your personal needs/requirements. I cannot be held responsible for craft attempts that haven’t worked out as planned.


Food Related Blog Posts

Food related blog posts / recipes are my own personal recipes and may not be copied without consent to do so. As everybody has different dietary requirements and varying cookers you should adjust recipes to suit your personal needs. I will not be liable for any adverse reactions or for recipes that haven’t worked out as planned.


Brand Collaborations

I occasionally collaborate with brands if I feel the content is relevant to the blog and readers. I will always disclose whether a blog post is sponsored, if I have been paid for the blog post by a brand, or if I have received a product from a brand in exchange for a review. The disclosure will always be ‘in post’ and will always be tagged under the ‘Reviews and Collaborations’ category.

All opinions expressed in collaborative posts are my own and not that of the organisation I am working with, unless otherwise stated.

Even when being compensated by a brand for a blog post my opinions will always be truthful.



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Amazon Affiliates – The Stressy Mama blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

I currently have Amazon advertisements on my blog and if I use any affiliate links I will mention it in each blog post a link is used in.

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Please see my disclaimer page for more information.


Questions, Feedback, Suggestions or Enquiries

Please contact me if you have any Questions, Feedback, Suggestions or Enquiries about anything you have read here, or for anything to do with the website. I would be more than happy to assist where I can and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.