Valentine’s Day Crafts


We love crafting in the Stressy Mama household and do so whenever we get a chance. Valentine’s day gives us the perfect excuse to get crafty, especially as it means we can make a gift for daddy.

Last Valentine’s Day I reviewed a 5″ Letterbox Gift Cake from bakerdays which I personalised and gave to Chris as an early gift. It was delcious and he loved it!

Keepsake Canvas

Molly loves making hand print and foot print pictures and even though I hate to admit it, a lot of them get thrown away. I know I know, mean mama… (we do give a lot of pictures away to family members because they have to love them, and then I don’t feel as guilty for getting rid of them haha!)

I bought a canvas from one of the shops in my local town centre for about £1.50 (bargain!) I already had poster paints at home so I was all set.

I painted Molly’s feet and we pressed them onto the canvas. While she was making other pictures for daddy I finished the lettering on the canvas.

I’m quite impressed with how it turned out…


Paper Plate Picture Frame

I cut out a heart shape in the centre of a paper plate and then gave it to Molly to paint.


When it had dried I hole punched the top and put some ribbon through it so we could hang it up.

I attached a picture of the three of us to the back of it.


Salt Dough Decorations

Molly and I love making salt dough decorations – we do it quite often. It’s the perfect toddler activity for a cold winters day.

Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity (excuse) to mix up some more salt dough and get our heart shaped cutters out. I got the recipe for the salt dough from the fantastic Donna who blogs over at Bobsy’s Mum.


Once dried, Molly painted her shapes and sprinkled some glitter over them.

When they had dried I put some ribbon through a little hole we made at the top.


So there we have it, Valentine’s Day gifts for daddy.

I’m quite impressed with our little makes actually (maybe not the paper plate one but we’ve made it now), and the gifts are way more personal than yet another bottle of aftershave or bunch of flowers..


Sam x


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