Two mamas, two toddlers, and a weekend away…

Two mamas, two toddlers, and a weekend away… What could go wrong?

Last weekend my sister and I took our little girls to the Isle of Man for a short break. We have family who live on the island so we have been holidaying there since we were really young. The island is truly beautiful and I would move there in a heartbeat if I could.

This visit was the first to the island for my daughter Molly and niece Jessica, so we were all really excited. We left both daddies at home for the weekend – I’m sure they thought they were the ones having a holiday because they each had a house to themselves and nothing but peace and quiet for a few days.

We set off on our journey nice and early because it had been snowing the night before. All was going well. That was until my sister (who was squashed in the back of the car between two car seats) said to me, “Sami, do you have a plastic bag? I think Molly is going to be sick.” I handed her a bag as fast as I could but it was too late. Molly had been sick all over herself. My sister wiped up as much of the sick as she could. I was so glad to be sat in the front! Luckily we were almost at the airport and we could clean Molly up when we got there.

When we got out of the car at the airport the wind was almost hurricane like. That might sound a bit extreme but it was so strong it was almost knocking us off our feet. With wind like that we couldn’t stop to wipe the sick off Molly; she would have to wait until we got inside.

We got into the airport and check-in was open so we queued up and checked in the car seats. We kept the prams with us because both girls were tired and we knew we could drop them off when we were boarding.

It was then straight through to security; we still hadn’t had a chance to change Molly at this point. Everything was going well. Or so we thought. As Molly and I walked through the metal detector thingy we were randomly selected to be searched. Both of us! I won’t complain about being searched because security on planes is of the utmost importance, but searching a two year old seems a tad extreme.

Both Molly and I were searched and patted down, as well as being swabbed on the belly and hands. I also had to go into a body scanner. Thank god it wasn’t that time of the month because they might have thought I was trying to smuggle something dodgy into the Isle of Man, if you know what I mean..! Ahem… swiftly moving on…

When we were finished in security we strolled to one of the shops in the airport to get a drink for the girls. The plan was to get drinks then casually wander over to our gate and wait there until boarding. My sister went into the shop and I waited with the prams and luggage.

As I was sat waiting I glanced up at the flight information board and noticed that it said it was the final call for our flight. WTF??? How bloody long had we been in security? We still had loads of time before we were due to fly so why were they calling final boarding? I still hadn’t changed Molly’s top!

It was tough luck. She would have to wait a little bit longer. We got the girls back into the prams and ran as fast as we could to the gate. Both my sister and me running while pushing a pram and carrying a backpack and suitcase each. What a sight that must have been!. There was no time to care though; we arrived at the gate just in time as they were about to unload our luggage from the plane.

We were eventually settled on the plane and in the air (way before we were due to fly by the way) so we could breathe and relax. I was aware of the fact that Molly was still sat in a wet top. I felt terrible…

The flight to the Isle of Man is usually about forty minutes but the captain said over the speaker that we would do it in about twenty minutes. As soon as you get into the air you are literally preparing for the descent. As we got closer to the island we were warned of strong winds and that we would experience some turbulence.

“Experience some turbulence” was the understatement of all understatements. I thought the bloody plane was going to fall out of the sky. Looking out of the window I could see the wings of the plane frantically going up and down. It was so scary. I was laughing with the girls. Not because it was funny but because I was shitting it. Thankfully we managed to land quite smoothly. We were safe! All we had to do was go and meet my dad who would be waiting in arrivals for us.

Only, he wasn’t there!

He was late because he assumed our flight would have been cancelled due to the strong winds! As we were waiting for my dad, flights to the Isle of Man from Manchester and Liverpool were being cancelled because of the weather. I suppose we were lucky our flight had gone ahead. My dad eventually arrived and we were at his house before I remembered I needed to change Molly’s top. It was now dry. The poor little thing!

The journey to the Isle of Man was quite eventful looking back but once we were there we had a lovely time. Both girls behaved really well too which is a bonus. I can’t wait to visit again, maybe in summer this time so it isn’t quite so windy!

Has anyone experienced the dramatics of being searched and swabbed at the airport and the embarrassment of having to slink onto the plane when everyone had been waiting on you? Or has anyone had any horrible turbulence experiences? I’d love to hear your travel stories.


Sam x


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  • The Speed Bump

    What a journey! Sounds stressful. I got random-searched at JFK airport in New York – I thought they took it seriously here in the UK but it’s even more extreme in the US! #MarvMondays

    • stressymama

      OMG I would not like to be searched in another country. Foreign airports are scary enough as it is without that happening..

  • Hannah

    What an epic journey! Sounds like you both did extremely well in the circumstances, not only to actually fly but to have a sick and body scan situation. Glad to hear you had a fantastic time at the end of it though, it’ll definitely be one you’ll tell the grandchildren.

  • Angela Watling

    Gosh it sounds like you had a real time of our art the airport! That’s crazy that your flight left early. I’m glad you had a nice time when you got there! x #MarvMondays

  • Mom of two little girls

    My first flight with my youngest daughter was … ‘fun’. She was 5 weeks old, and we were leaving my family to move to South Africa where daddy was waiting for us. My eldest was 2yrs and 1 month old, and my youngest was 5 weeks old.
    I was an absolute wreck! Tiny baby strapped on my front. Backpack on my back. Hyperactive toddler running riot. Breasts started leaking. Had to release the pressure as soon as I sat down in my seat and the number of dodgy looks and/or looks of pity as the rest of the passengers walked past me breastfeeding was traumatic enough, nevermind the two year old attempting to dismantle the plane single-handedly. All I wanted to do was cry cos I was leaving my mom.
    Stupid me did it 5 more times before I refused to fly alone with the two kids.
    #famiyfun! lol

    • stressymama

      Wow! What a journey that was. I really do not know how you managed, I’m not sure I would have been able to, to be honest. I think the next time I am going anywhere the OH will be in tow, at the very least he can carry the bags so I don’t have to! haha

  • Karen | TwoTinyHands

    Swabbing!? Well
    I’ve never heard that before. Sounds like you were sort of lucky you didn’t get your flight cancelled. I wonder if that’s why they set off early because if they didn’t it wouldn’t have gone! Glad you had a good time when you got there though! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    • stressymama

      The swabbing is a tad extreme isn’t it. Who am I to question scary looking security people though! haha