Top Tips for Visiting Lanzarote with Children
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Top Tips for Visiting Lanzarote with Children

*Collaborative post with Holiday Gems

Thinking of going on holiday? I know I am. I did go on holiday earlier this year but it has been a whole year since my last foreign holiday so I think it is about time I started planning the next one. If like me you plan on going on holiday with your children, a Lanzarote Holiday could be the perfect getaway you are looking for.

Lanzarote is a volcanic island and is the smallest of the Canary Islands. It is situated only around 70 miles off the coast of Africa; this is probably the reason why the island is blessed with year round sunshine. Lanzarote is the perfect destination for a sun holiday, even in the middle of winter. Temperatures usually range from around 21°C in the winter months to 29°C in the summer. It takes just over four hours to fly to the island from the UK.

There are three main resorts in Lanzarote; Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen. We chose Costa Teguise as our base as it sounded very family friendly and ideally placed to travel to other parts of the island.


Here are my Top Tips for Visiting Lanzarote with Children


Plan in advance:
  • Before you book your holiday I would research each resort in Lanzarote. This way you will know the area has everything you require for your holiday.
  • For me, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca are the most family friendly resorts, whereas Puerto del Carmen is more lively and has a great clubbing scene. Fun, but maybe not for young children!
  • Before you travel have a look into what activities there are on offer, which places you would like to visit and which trips you would like to go on. This way you won’t waste your precious holiday time trying to figure out what to do each day. You can book activities in advance with your travel agent but I would wait until you get there to book. Some activities and trips only happen on certain days and you won’t really know your schedule until you are in your resort.
  • The island is blessed with year round sun and can reach temperatures as high as 29°C in the summer months. This may be a little hot for young children so visiting the island may be better in the winter months. Temperatures will still be warm at around 21°C with guaranteed sunshine.
  • Make sure you pack a jacket or cardigan because even though it is warm, it can get quite breezy, especially at the coast.


  • Kids get bored easily. They struggle sitting still for longer than ten minutes. They can be prone to tantrums. Fact! A tantrum or two may be inevitable but you could attempt to avoid these by planning activities for your children for when they are on the plane.
  • Molly’s hand luggage was our bag of distractions for when we were on the plane. We filled it with pens and paper, books, teddies, stickers and probably most importantly for us, her comfort blankets.
  • Bring your tablet or phone for the kids to use. I know, I know, screen time is a controversial subject but a four-hour plane ride is tedious enough for adults, never mind children. We downloaded as many games and TV shows onto the tablet as we could before we travelled.
  • Buy snacks for the plane once you pass through customs.
  • Pack a sun hat and sunscreen in your hand luggage so they can be applied as soon as you land. The sun can be really hot and you may be standing around for a while waiting for coach transfers. It is always best to be prepared for the sun, especially when you are travelling with children.


Your Hotel:
  • I know we go on holiday to spend time as a family but I would highly recommend utilising the hotel’s Kids Club (if they have one). The kids will have fun, and you can relax for an hour or two by the pool knowing your kids are in safe hands. It is your holiday too after all.
  • Although activities in Lanzarote are plentiful, why not make the most of the hotel’s pool and entertainment? Kids generally love swimming and the cool water will help to keep them cool in the hot sun. Just remember to keep reapplying sunscreen!
  • If your hotel has a play area then make sure to use this too. Kids love the park at home so they will still love it on holiday.


My Recommended Activities:
  • There are so many things to see and do in Lanzarote for everyone from the really young, to the young at heart.
  • Activities can be booked in advance with a travel agent, with a rep at your hotel, or can be booked directly with a local provider/agent. I would suggest doing whatever you feel most comfortable with. I booked with my resort rep as it gave me peace of mind. Some people prefer to book directly with providers or local booking agents as it can be cheaper.
  • Hire a car or make use of the local bus service to travel around the island. The island is beautiful with its volcanic scenery and the beaches are stunning. It is really worth exploring a little.
  • Spend time on the beach with the kids. The sea is beautiful to swim in, there are water sports galore on offer and the kids will have so much fun building sandcastles. Or burying daddy in the sand!
  • You could even search for seashells or pebbles and bring a couple of them home as mementoes of your holiday. We always try to find a nice pebble on the beach and write the date and destination on it and keep it as a memory of that particular holiday.
  • Rancho Texas Park – This was my favourite place we visited when we were there. In fact, we visited twice! The first visit was for an evening of country music and line dancing with a chicken and ribs feast. The next time was to explore the park and to see the animals. There is even a pool and splash park on site which is suitable for young and old alike.
  • Aquapark – There is something for all the family at the Aquapark. There are slides, flumes, rapids, swimming pools and splash pools for babies. There is also an adventure park, trampolines, bouncy castles and a go-cart track to keep the kids entertained.
  • Catamaran – book onto a family catamaran trip and sail towards the south of the island to Papagayo Bay where you can get off the boat and go for a swim in the sea or go snorkelling. Lunch is usually provided on trips like this too.
  • Submarine Safari – The submarine dives over 100 feet so you are guaranteed to see the beautiful marine life of the Atlantic Ocean. FYI, children have to be aged three and over to go on the submarine. Molly was only two when we visited so she couldn’t go on the submarine. She would have enjoyed it too because she loves fishes.
  • Markets – I highly recommend visiting the local markets. They are full of little handmade treasures and you may find the perfect gift to take back to loved ones at home.
  • Restaurants – there are some beautiful restaurants in Lanzarote serving a variety of dishes. It is definitely worth sampling the local cuisine in a few, even if you have gone all inclusive at your hotel.



So there you have it, my top tips for visiting Lanzarote with children. Writing this post has brought back some fantastic memories, I may have to return to the island for my next holiday!


Thanks for reading,


Sam x

*Collaborative post with Holiday Gems



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