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Tips To Help Introduce More Sport To Your Children

Introducing your children to sport is as important as it can be now than it used to be because of the influence of the online world and all the electronic devices we own. There’s so much to do using these electronic devices and online that we have become a little lazier in our efforts to get out and exercise. It’s essential though that your children are still getting the opportunity to exercise and do sports that can help improve their fitness but to get themselves away from watching too much television or using their electronic devices too much. Here are some tips to help introduce more sport to your child.

Look For Local Opportunities

Local opportunities are everywhere, and it’s all about finding things that are accessible for you and your children to get too. Sure, there’s some sports and classes that might not be available where you live, but if it’s something that’s within a reasonable reach by driving or public commute, then it’s definitely worth doing. Start looking at what your local community offers and whether there’s an opportunity to create sports that don’t exist. There might be family households that are wanting something that doesn’t happen in the local area to be a thing, and so it could be something you take the initiative on to help manage in some way. The more you help to support the local community, the less likely it’ll become something that’s too expensive, and you’ll also be giving your children the best opportunities possible when it comes to sports activities.

Make Sure There’s Plenty For Them At School

The school that your child attends should be offering some form of exercise that is usually physical education. It’s worth consulting with the school on what curriculum they follow in terms of what they offer during the course of the school term. Depending on the teachers, some might follow certain sporting activities where others might follow a typical format of a mixture. You also want to think about other opportunities that are offered outside of the school hours but still are attributed to the school itself. Most schools will have teams for things like netball, football and gymnastics. It’s worth seeing if this is of interest to your child and to know more about the process that’s involved when it comes to getting onto those teams. They might have to do a trial or audition to get themselves on the team to compete.

Speak To Your Doctor

Doing sport is good for your children to find different passions, but it can also be essential for keeping your child fit and healthy. Nowadays, there’s a lot that can stop families from being active and technology is definitely the biggest contributor. However, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor about what your child is lacking in terms of fitness and what they would recommend. Your doctor might recommend that they’re getting enough or maybe they need to aim for more cardio or strength-based sports. It’s all important to make sure they become a more well-rounded individual and that they’re aware of what’s healthy for them as they grow into an adult.

Try To Do Fitness Together As A Family

When it comes to promoting fitness, doing something as a family can be helpful. Think about what you’re currently getting up to in your spare time as family. You might be doing very little and spending time together can be really important to helping strengthen bonds and to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your family time that you have available to you. It could be playing a bit of sport in the garden or maybe taking a trip to an activity park on the weekend. There are plenty of opportunities out there that can cater for families or big groups when it comes to sport. Doing that sport together can make it more fun, and it can also encourage a bit of family competitiveness which is healthy for everyone to have, especially when it comes to using it in life. It’s good to feel encouragement from family too when you’re trying to complete a sporting goal or do an exercise that’s particularly tough.

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Send Them To A School Holiday Club

There are plenty of extra sporting activities that can be done outside of the school and a school holiday club can be a great idea if you are struggling to find things to do for your children during the school holidays. There are places like Essex Professional Coaching that can give your children a real experience of what could potentially be something they carry on into their later life as a career. They offer school holiday camps which are perfect for girls and boys aged 4-12 years old. It’s a great chance for them to try something unique and to have an experience that they’ll remember, regardless of whether they carry it on later in life or it’s simply something they did to improve their fitness levels and their love for sport in general.

Plan Ahead And Make It A Routine

When it comes to getting into a routine, it’s important you teach your children about the importance of getting fitness into it. It can be difficult to get yourself into a routine when life is thrown at you on a daily basis, and it gets more difficult to fit it in when you have a career and children to look after. However, it’s important you teach your children to always prioritise health being one of the most important things in your life. Try to make sure you plan ahead where you can so that you can cement the sports activities that you have available and keep them a regular feature in your day to day life.

Be A Role Model

Being a role model is important when it comes to introducing your child to a sport because if you’re not doing anything yourself, they might not feel they should keep it up beyond their childhood. Not only that but they’ll likely bring it up as an excuse not to go because you don’t do anything yourself. Try to be a good role model where you can by making sure you are doing exercise and some type of sport in your own time. That’s going to make

Reduce The Amount Of Electronic Time

Electronics are a main contribution to our daily lives, and although it’s ok to have it in controlled amounts, it can’t be something you rely on constantly to keep you happy and engaged. 

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With children growing up in an age now that is led by technology, it’s important that you reduce the amount of time they spend indoors. Getting outside, enjoying some fresh air and sport is important to your children so that they don’t become too reliant on electronics from a young age. That way, they’ll hopefully have a better relationship with it as they get older and have the independence to live by their own rules.

Always Show Your Support

As a parent, it can mean so much for your children to get support for things they do when they’re younger. Having a team of people that love and support you can help set them up for a promising future, and it can help them keep persistent with what they love and enjoy doing. Try to attend as many sports occasions as you can to ensure they’re still willing to carry it on further down the line. Being there to give them the extra confidence they might need is going to make a huge impact. When you’re not there, it can definitely harm your relationship with your child if you make it a regular thing. Make them a priority when it comes to events outside of the workplace, and you’ll definitely see an improvement in the family bond you have but also for their love of the sport they’re doing.

Choose Something They Love

And finally, don’t just force a sport or class on them that you think they’d be good at or you want them to do. If they don’t end up liking it, then they’ll start to despise it and you for making them do something they don’t want to do. Choose something that they’re really going to love because that way, it’ll be something they’re truly passionate about, and it naturally runs its course. Whether it’s something they do briefly or a sport they carry on for the rest of their lives. Try out different sports so that they can figure this out for themselves. 

When it comes to introducing sport to your child, try to remember that it’s their choice on what they want to do, even if it’s not a sport you imagined them playing. Show your support as a parent and get active with them outside of the school grounds. Reduce the amount of electronic time they have and get them outdoors as often as possible for both their health and eyes!

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