Things You Can Buy New Parents (That They’ll Really Love)
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Things You Can Buy New Parents (That They’ll Really Love)

The first few weeks after having a baby can be bewildering. An endless line of relatives and friends all come to visit, wanting to see the latest addition to the family. You can guarantee that they’ll all be bringing presents too!

While it’s lovely to bring the new baby a soft toy, or the parents a bunch of flowers, here are some more unusual ideas for you to consider.

Great Gifts for New Parents

Your time and help:

This is possibly the most valuable gift of all. New parents are usually exhausted, not to mention busy looking after their baby. Any help that you can offer; even if it’s just preparing them a meal one night or putting the washing on for them, is likely to be appreciated.

A subscription to a streaming site:

If they’re not already signed up to something like Netflix or Amazon Prime, this is a really thoughtful gift. When they’re tiny, babies tend to sleep and feed a lot, which leaves parents restricted to the sofa or bed for large periods of the day. Being able to watch some quality TV or film might be just the tonic they need.

Pampering bath products:

Being a parent is a wonderful experience, but it can leave people feeling frazzled; both mentally and physically. Encourage them to unwind with a pampering gift box, full of bubble bath, massage oil, relaxing soaks and more. Even just half an hour in the bath can make a worn-out parent feel more like themselves again!

A magazine subscription:

If they haven’t had children before, the new parents might feel a little bit confused by everything. We’ve all been there! A 6-month magazine subscription to a parenting magazine will no doubt be well-received.

Your tips and advice:

If you’ve got children, you’ll be in a perfect position to offer some advice about being a parent. Of course, you should be careful you don’t come across as bossy or judgemental – sometimes just chatting over a coffee and sharing some ideas is the perfect solution. You can also get them mentally prepared for what to expect as their child grows older!

A voucher for a restaurant:

Going to a restaurant won’t be a high priority to start off with. However, as they adjust to life with a baby, they’ll want to start getting back to normal and enjoying family activities. A voucher for a local restaurant will give them something to look forward to when they’re ready to venture out in a few weeks’ time.

A luxury gift basket:

Get a wicker basket and buy lots of ‘treats’ for the parents to enjoy while they’re at home with the baby. Here are some good ideas of what to put inside:

  • Non-alcoholic wines or fruity drinks
  • Healthy snacks, like dried fruit or nuts
  • Some perfume or aftershave (this Aventus review provides a good idea for the father!)
  • A cute blanket for the baby
  • Some indulgent treats, like a box of chocolates
  • A board game or card game

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