The best things about primary school

The best things about primary school

I recently wrote a post about the fact that my baby girl will be starting school next year. I am not emotionally prepared to have a child in real school. At all! The process of applying for and viewing schools has brought back some really good memories of my own time at primary school. Those were the days eh? When the biggest problems were who was who’s best friend, and who was sitting where on the carpet for story time. These are what some of my fellow bloggers and I think the best things about primary school were:


Food glorious food…

I used to complain about the food in school when I was there, but looking back now, I only have good memories. Well, apart from the sausage pie! My primary school had the most divine mint custard and chocolate cake. I was always the first one to have my hand up if they offered seconds on that.

Ayse Erdin – Arepops
Pink custard and being called up for seconds. Although now to think of it that could explain a lot? Haha. 

Sophie Clare Hull – Sophie and Lily
Cornflake tart. I must make it for my own children (and me of course), it is probably too sweet for kids these days.

Emma Jones – Ready, Freddie, Go!
Pizza and chips on a Friday!

Sinead Latham – Sinead Latham
Ours was chocolate concrete (with pink custard obvs) and then the afternoon milk in the classroom 


Little Miss Joiner…

There was always an opportunity to get involved with something at primary school. I was such a little joiner and always liked to get involved with as much as I could.

I loved being in the school plays and didn’t care at all about my complete lack of talent. Or care what anybody thought either, for that matter. If anybody needs a singing Disciple or an experienced woodblock player, I am your person!

I played the Cornet in the brass band which I absolutely loved. Though my mum didn’t love listening to me practice! One of the schools I have applied for, for Molly, actively encourages their pupils to learn an instrument with one of their favourite instruments being the Cornet. I’d love Molly to follow in my footsteps.

I was in the choir, part of the netball team – though I was the substitute player because I was pretty naff, and I also joined the chess club just so I didn’t have to play out in winter.

Leyla Preston – Motherhood Diaries 
The best thing about primary school was being part of the string quartet, orchestra, blues band, and most of the sports teams. I learned so much!



Oh my gosh, I loved my primary school assemblies, especially singing songs from the ‘Come and Praise’ hymn books. There were some immense songs in those books! I still randomly break out into songs from them now, one of my all time favourites being ‘Autumn Days’.

Jemma Willson – Mayflower Blogs
I loved assembly! Singing at the top of my voice with my friends was so much fun!

Nicola Wiggins – Mummy Wales
The special assemblies when our headmaster would crack out the guitar and lead a rousing rendition of ‘five blind jellyfish’. X Factor, eat your heart out.


Year 6 kids rule the world…

I don’t know about you, but as a kid in year six I walked around the school like I owned the place. We were obviously far superior to the rest of the school…

I was the special book monitor – this was a book that each teacher filled in weekly to highlight those that had done something good that week. The headmaster read it out in assembly and those mentioned got a certificate. I had the HUGE responsibility of taking it around to all the classrooms so the teachers could fill it in.

Vikki Evans – Family Travel with Ellie
Getting into year 6 – being allowed to sit on chairs during assembly and being first to choose lunch – wow! Made us feel so grown up! 



Making friends for life is probably the best thing about primary school. I don’t see my friends from back then very often nowadays, but if I bump into them we talk as though we had just seen each other a few minutes earlier. It is so easy to speak with and feel comfortable around them.

Claire Casswell  – The Happy Weaner
Meeting your friend for life and playing together EVERY day.

Emma Reed – Emma Reed
Playing with my friends. I remember always loving school because it meant seeing my friends every day. I never understood those who said they hated school!


Christmas postbox

The Christmas postbox was one of the most exciting things at school in the run-up to Christmas. I can still feel the anticipation and excitement of sitting in the classroom waiting for the card delivery.

Beth Law – Twinderelmo
The Christmas postbox! The utter joy of it being opened on Friday and getting all the cards out.
I can still feel my excitement all these years later



Oh my days, do you remember how excited everybody got when the teacher wheeled the TV in? You would get neck strain looking up at it, and it would always be something boring we’d have to watch but it was still exciting.

Laura Dove – Five Little Doves
The best thing about school was in the afternoon when the teacher wheeled in the telly! Best day ever!



Is it just me, or is the homework kids get these days really quite excessive? Molly was getting homework from nursery when she was two. That’s a bit young for my liking. In my day, the only homework we had was our reading book and a list of about ten words we had to learn for the spelling test on a Monday morning. Even that was too much for me. It was definitely more relaxed and less pressurised for kids back then.

Jen Mellor – Just Average Jen
Moving up reading books and being proud of how well I was doing! Always a nerd eh!

Carol Cameleon – Virtually All Sorts
The best thing for me was not having homework! These days you get it too early in my opinion! But also the friendships that I made. The social side of school is definitely a plus.


Brilliant teachers

I still have really good memories of my primary school teachers. They were all so lovely.

When we were viewing primary schools with Molly, we talked to one of the reception teachers and she was so lovely. Very bubbly and chatty; perfect for a reception teacher. Molly jumped straight into talking to her which is unusual for her. Fingers crossed we get that school so I won’t be worrying as much about how Molly is getting on every day.

Ann Hickman –  Rainbows are too beautiful
The teachers. Actually, this goes both ways, but there were a couple of teachers that really did a fantastic job and made learning fun. 


Sports day

Sports day was so much fun. My favourite event was the three-legged race. Another favourite of mine was the egg and spoon race. Oh, and I have to give a shout out to the obstacle course. How much fun was that?

Laura Brown – Woman in Progress
Used to love sports day – just a fun day and lots of shouting



Playtime was fab, wasn’t it? Doing handstands, rolling down the grass hill, making games up, playing football… And then everyone suddenly standing still when the teacher blew the whistle for the first time. Then they would blow it again and we had to go and line up to go back inside.

Pete Chatfield – Household Money Saving
I loved playtime. You and your friends could make up any kind of games you liked.

Maria Hughes – Happy Mummy
The playground; we had a bar that you could pop your leg over and hold onto and swing right over – used to love doing that! 

Emma Tustian – Bubbablue and Me
The playground games. French skipping, playing mass netball games, British bulldog, conkers and massive ice slides. Most of which you’d never be able to play nowadays


Anything else?

Louise Williams – Pink Pear Bear
Getting away with reading fiction books tucked into my school books! It was such a small school that there were 7-11 year olds all in the same class and the teacher had no chance of figuring out what we were all up to! 

Emma Maslin – The Money Whisperer
Chocolate toothpaste. I think it’s a Bedfordshire thing as no one ever knows what I am talking about when I say how delicious it was!! 

And what does the actual primary school teacher think the best things about primary school are?

Adam Parkhouse – You’ve got all this to come
Bit biased as a primary teacher, but everything?



I really do have some brilliant memories of primary school. Do you agree with this list? What was your favourite thing about primary school?

Sam x


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  • Emma T

    Thanks for including mine.Reading this made me smile thinking back to my school days (I used to love school lunches). Do come and link it up to my #SchoolDays linky if you want.

    • stressymama

      You’re welcome. I’d love to link it up to the #SchoolDays linky. When is it on?

  • Donna

    I don’t think I liked many of these things! I did love Primary school though.They’ve just put the Christmas postbox up in Michael’s school, but, security means I can’t get to where it is, and he can’t get there without a teacher with a fob to get through all of the doors!

    They can’t have special jobs either because you literally can’t open a door without a fob and a teacher!

    • stressymama

      Pfffft. Bloody security taking the fun out of school!! Haha. I think security was a lot more lackadaisical back then wasn’t it..

    • stressymama

      The tv being wheeled in was the most exciting time of the week I think haha x

  • Tammymum

    My little girl is starting school next year too, argh!! I used to love the Christmas post box! I’d add the milk in a carton. I’m so pleased they still do it. I don’t personally like milk but my little one does and it’s a nice memory! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    • stressymama

      Oh yes, the milk. We used to sit on the carpet with our carton of milk and an apple. Molly has a dairy intolerance but she loves soya milk so I hope they provide her with that when she’s at school next year (Molly tells me her nursery give her water while everyone else has milk – I need to speak to the nursery because I am not happy if that’s that case – but that’s a different story!) Haha. X

  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    I literally loved primary school. I was third out of my siblings to go there and all the teachers knew who I was which made me feel so welcome, also the fact that I used to do TV work meant there were times I wasnt in so I was given extra work which the geek in me LOVED!
    Did you ever watch through the dragons eye where there was kids in a far away land with a dragon and red, blue and green people and it was meant to be educational? That is one of my fondest memories – oh and making my teacher be the clock in cinderella so I could run around losing my slipper and needing to get home hahaha!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week for the last link up for the year!

    • stressymama

      I don’t think I remember Through the Dragons Eye. I’m sure that would have been one of the tv programmes we watched though. X