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The Best Bloggers All Understand The Psychology Of Their Audience

Blogging, in today’s world, has become something of a crowded space. Go back twenty years, and you could pretty much guarantee that your blog would have thousands of followers. Today, though, that’s not so much the case. Blogs now play second fiddle to social media, which is currently the most critical player. 

Part of the solution is to understand your audience better. You need to know what makes them tick and what it is that they want from your blog.

Here’s where business psychology can help. Just like a business, you’re trying to sell blogs to your audience (perhaps for the advertising revenue). Thus, you must think like a business and provide content that they will actually want to read (and keep reading in the future). 

For many bloggers and businesspeople, psychology is vital. What’s more, the number of roles that require it is growing by the day. Companies want to hire people with backgrounds in psychology to transform the data they collect on their customers into something actionable. People who are able to understand numbers and create strategies that appeal to human behavior are incredibly valuable. 

Bloggers, therefore, have two options. First, they can apply the ideas of business psychology to their own operations, looking for opportunities to appeal more to their customers. And second, they can get an education in the subject and find a role in a company. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about business psychology and how it helps organisations, check out the following infographic:

Infographic by  University of Southern California

*Collaborative post