Gratitude Post #9 – Thank you September

Is it just me or did September last about two minutes? This year is flying by! It will be Christmas before we know it; I’ve actually done quite a lot of my Christmas shopping already. Chris says we are finished buying presents for Molly; I agreed with him, knowing full well I will probably keep […]

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Gratitude Post #8 – Thank you August

Gratitude Post #8 - Thank you August

How is it September already? This time next year Molly will be starting school. I am not ready for that. Although, if her ‘threenager’ attitude continues the way it has been of late I will probably welcome the start of school. Anyway, Gratitude Post #8 – Thank you August is the 8th edition of my […]

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Gratitude Post #5 – Thank You May

Gratitude Post #5

Gratitude Post #5 – Thank You May, is the fifth instalment of my gratitude series. I have spoken recently about how April and May have been difficult for me because I have had an ectopic pregnancy. When I sat down to write this edition of the series I really didn’t think I would have much […]

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Gratitude Post #1 – Thank you January

Gratitude Post #1 - Thank you January

I had quite a few ups and downs in 2016 and the year ended with me having surgical treatment for endometriosis. Not wanting to dwell on the previous year, I was determined to have a positive start to 2017 but things weren’t quite going to plan… It seemed like one thing after another as soon as […]

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I have made a conscious decision to be more appreciative and grateful for everything I have. It’s easy to get down about life’s daily struggles, but why dwell on things that we cannot change? Don’t Worry, Be Happy will be my motto from now on. Yes there may be a few negatives along the way, but […]

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