Gratitude Post #9 – Thank you September

Is it just me or did September last about two minutes? This year is flying by! It will be Christmas before we know it; I’ve actually done quite a lot of my Christmas shopping already. Chris says we are finished buying presents for Molly; I agreed with him, knowing full well I will probably keep […]

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Gratitude Post #5 – Thank You May

Gratitude Post #5

Gratitude Post #5 – Thank You May, is the fifth instalment of my gratitude series. I have spoken recently about how April and May have been difficult for me because I have had an ectopic pregnancy. When I sat down to write this edition of the series I really didn’t think I would have much […]

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All About You

All about You

This past weekend was mine and Chris’ 7th anniversary, and it will also be his birthday in a couple of days. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to put pen to paper and jot down a few soppy words, like I did for my sister last year. So here you are Chris, out of all my […]

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Gratitude Post #2 – Thank You February

Gratitude Post #2 - Thank You February

At the start of the year I decided I would write a monthly series of gratitude posts, the first one being ‘Thank You January’. These posts will serve as a reminder of all the fun things I have done during the month, and they may even cheer me up if I feel down or stressed. This month it […]

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It’s the little things that matter

What matters most to you? What is important to you? After spending a lovely Sunday with just my little family, I sat down in the evening thinking over the days events.  Whilst reminiscing, I was reminded of what matters, and of what is important. It’s the little things that matter. The little things are actually […]

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