Sister Sister

Sister sister, I can’t believe it. My baby sister is turning thirty!

I think anyone who has a sibling is blessed, especially if you are close in age. You grow up with your siblings, sharing your lives, going through similar journeys. Some siblings drift apart as they get older, others remain close.

I am lucky that my sister and I have always had a close relationship, and that is probably because there is only nineteen months between us. Growing up our bond was strong, but this has gotten stronger as we have grown older.

It was nice growing up having a sibling so close in age as it meant we always had someone to play with. Don’t, get me wrong, we fought and argued constantly (and still do to be honest), but we always made up again.

As well as a sister, she is also my best friend.  We have a habit of doing everything together; a lot of the time intentionally, but more often than not, very much unintentionally. We socialise together, live across the street from each other, do mundane things like grocery shopping together and even had children pretty much at the same time as each other.

Our subconscious always seems to be in sync too. We will start randomly saying the same thing at the same time, out of nowhere. Each of us always seem to know how the other is feeling, sometimes before they do. We always turn up in similar outfits and even our children end up dressed similarly.

Our personalities are the same and we have the same sense of humour. We have the same annoying laugh as each other. Our ideals and life goals are similar, and we are also slightly telepathic with the ability to know what the other is thinking from a split second look.

We might as well be the same person. We do actually get mistaken for each other too, although I don’t know why because we look nothing alike! I would not change a thing about our relationship.

If I could tell my sister what she meant to me it would go something like this…

Dear Danielle,

I cannot believe you are turning thirty. Even though you are my best friend and we see each other every single day (and drink lots of wine), I still see you as the little blond haired shadow that used to follow me around everywhere. 

I know you are grown, but as long as I am your big sister, you will always be my little sister. That means it will always be my job to ‘look after you’ (even though half the time it’s you looking after me!) 

As kids growing up I always made it my business to make sure you were okay, that you had friends to play with, that nobody was picking on you, and that you were happy. Don’t get me wrong, you annoyed the hell out of me at times (and still do) but there was always something about you that made me think you were a good egg… that as well as a sister you would also be suited to being my friend. So I quite happily upgraded you from sister, to sister and best friend! 

As we have grown up together we have become closer. I couldn’t possibly ask for a better sister than you. More importantly, I couldn’t ask for a better auntie for my daughter. I know if anything should ever happen to me or Chris (heaven forbid) that Molly will be well looked after by you. 

You love Molly as if she was your own and that you would never let any harm come to her. I know you will be there with an unconditional, unwavering motherly love and I really couldn’t ask for a better auntie for her. The fact that you are such a good auntie makes me love you even more as my sister. 

I knew you would love Molly as much as I do from the minute I told you I was pregnant. As soon as the words left my mouth your eyes filled up. You were completely overjoyed for me. You have been with me through my infertility struggles and know what this pregnancy meant to me. I will never, ever forget the look on your face. Every time I think about it my eyes fill up. How can somebody be so unselfishly happy for someone else like that? Only a sister could I suppose. 

You have always been there for me, through thick and thin, and that hasn’t always been an easy job. I’ve had a lot going on over the years, and still do, and I know you are always there. You are my rock. You are strong and that makes me stronger. I know I can always rely on you to just listen, advise me, give me a hug, lecture me when needed (on the very odd occasion), or even just pour me a big glass of wine and give me a bar of chocolate. 

We do everything together and I never want that to change. I honestly do not know what me and my little Molly moo moo would do without you. We would be completely lost.

So, sister sister, I just want to say Happy Birthday. I love you. Don’t ever change because you are perfect. 

Sam x


Well, I am feeling slightly emotional now haha. Sisterly bonds truly are amazing. I hope you all have the pleasure of having a close bond to your siblings like my sister and I do.

Sam x


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  • tammymum

    This is beautiful I am so happy to read it. I have a boy and a girl with 11 months between them and whilst it can be hard at times I live in hope they will grow up close like you and your sister. I certainly wish I had a sibling that I had your relationship with. Such a lovely heartwarming post and happy birthday to your sister. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun xx

  • Two Tiny Hands (@IsntitprettyKTB)

    What a lovely big sister you are. So much love and what a great relationship you have which other and to be that close would be a dream/ I have a big brother and we don’t chat much but it is alway great when we do. I love being a little sister! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun.