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Raising Twins Doesn’t Have To Be Double The Trouble

Parenting is never exactly easy, no matter how many children you’re going to have. However, if you’re about to welcome twins into the world or you’re just now getting used to the fact you have two mouths to feed, you can be sure that you’re going to be facing a rather different kind of challenge that most parents. However, that does not mean that it has to be uniquely arduous. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips that can help you give your twins the loving welcome to the world they deserve and take care of yourself in the process.

Synchronize their schedule

Though they might be twins, each individual is just that: their own person. As such, they may want to sleep at different times, feed at different times, and so on. However, when you create a schedule for feeding, sleeping, diaper changes, and the like, you should ensure that both of them follow that schedule. By taking care of their needs at the same time, you ensure that you’re not going to get twisted in who has been fed and when. It will keep you sane and it will ensure that they’re both given the same loving care.

Create a nursery for two

You may already have it in mind to create a nursery that accommodates both your children, but how do you design it in a way that does it smartly? When looking at nursery ideas for twins, make sure you double up on what is necessary, but save space by choosing multitasking furniture when possible. You need two cribs, for instance, but you will most likely never need more than one dresser. Try to use space wisely, too. Don’t place them too close to one another, as the sight of their sibling can cause each twin to get more stimulated at night, meaning it can take longer for them to fall asleep.

Get them used to sleeping together

While you don’t want them disturbing each other by keeping them too close when they are first in the nursery, you may want to avoid the habit of keeping them too separate. Swaddling your twins together can help them develop a sense of security with one another that means they can happily sleep through each other’s crying when it happens. On the other hand, keeping them separate may mean they get too used to sleeping in silence, which means it can be difficult to get them sleeping together again.

Avoid buying two of everything

There are plenty of resources that you’re going to need to double-up on. However, there are others that your babies can share relatively easily. Then there are those that are designed specifically to help with twins. While you might need two cots, two bottles, two car seats, and such, look at twin-specific products like double strollers, double feeding pillows, and the like. They can help you better serve the needs of both at the same time, and help your budget, too.

Make sure you know who they are

This might sound like a relatively silly point, but it could be helpful to give yourself a little physical reminder as to which twin is which. Some parents will go as far as putting a certain accessory on one twin to tell them apart. You’re not always going to be dealing with them at your most awake and most aware, so getting them mixed up is a lot more likely than you might think. However, you want to pay attention to their individual needs and habits as they grow, so telling them apart is crucial.

Find some friends amongst the multiples community

If you’re ever looking for tips on making feeding easier, dealing with your twins while they are crying, sleep training them, or something else, then chatting with other parents can be greatly helpful. However, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that parents of single children might not understand your struggles as well who have been in your shoes. There are plenty of twin-raising communities you can join on the internet where you can share all kinds of tips, advice, and information. It’s nice to simply be able to rant to someone who can understand, too.

With twins, the challenge of raising them is sure to be unique, but it doesn’t have to be uniquely challenging. Keep the tips in mind and try to ensure that everything you do caters to both at the same time. Let their schedules and habits separate and you really can be dealing with double the trouble.

*Collaborative post