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Ordinary Baby Problems That Can Scare A Parent

Becoming a parent is always an exciting experience, but it would be wrong to say that it will always be smooth sailing. Many new parents find themselves struggling to avoid stress as they raise their child, with the world around them offering many threats and often being a scary place for even the bravest of moms and dads. Of course, though, many of the problems you will face will appear scary on the surface but will become far more normal once you’ve had the chance to dive deeper into them. Let’s take a look at some of these issues and their potential solutions.


It’s no secret that parents with a baby in the house will often struggle to get enough sleep. This isn’t because they are stuck thinking about their child, but rather that they can’t get the little one to sleep. Sleeplessness is very common in newborn babies, and you need to take the right steps to make sure that they can drop off each night. Feeding them at the right times, finding ways to help them drop off, and tiring them out during the day can all be great ways to make sure that your little one can get enough sleep each night.


Spending hours and hours in a cot each day and wearing things like diapers can cause a lot of skin irritation for a baby. This can quickly develop into painful-looking rashes that will be very scary to see for the first time. Giving your baby more time out of their cot can be a good way to help to solve this problem, but you may also need to think about creams and lotions to help with this. Parents have been dealing with rashes for thousands of years, and this means that there are plenty of solutions to this problem available online.

Flat Skulls

When a baby is first born, their bones won’t have the same strength that they will develop in the coming years. Their skull will be quite soft, and this means that it can change shape if your baby favors sleeping in the same position. Flat spots can appear, though this is rarely something to get worked up about, as many babies experience this during their first couple of months at home. Of course, if you feel concerned about this, it will always be worth contacting your doctor, even if it’s just to get some peace of mind.

Squished Skin

Alongside having a soft skull, your baby’s skin can also be very flexible when they are young. Ears will often get folding into the wrong positions, leaving parents worried that their child will grow up with a deformity. In reality, though, this sort of thing will usually iron itself out as their skin gains elasticity and forms the shape that it will maintain throughout their life. Like their skull, this can be another part of the body that scares parents, and your doctor will always be happy to offer reassurance.

Hair Loss

It’s common for newborn babies to have some wispy hair on their heads. This hair often isn’t the hair that they will grow up with, though, making it a big surprise for parents when they find that their baby is losing their hair. This doesn’t mean that they are going to be bald or will struggle to grow hair in the future, and can often be a sign that they are developing healthily. You can find expert tips for baby hair loss across the web, giving you an easy resource to use when you’re struggling to figure out why your little one is losing their hair.


No matter the species, practically every baby animal on Earth will make noises to get their parent’s attention. In the case of a baby, this will come in the form of loud crying. Of course, some babies are louder than others, making it hard for many people to figure out whether or not they should be worried about the noise their baby is making. You should be able to judge if they’re in pain, but you could also talk to your doctor to get a professional second opinion if you’re concerned about your child’s crying.


A newborn baby will always be a far more sensitive stomach than an adult. It won’t take much to make them spew, but this can be scary when it’s happening all the time. If your baby throws up after every meal, this could be a sign that you’re giving them the wrong food. Alongside this, there could also be other environmental factors influencing your child’s belly. Throwing up isn’t uncommon for babies, with many struggling to keep down any of the food they eat. Being aware of this is important, as it could cause problems if your baby vomits while they are asleep.


Like learning to use their arms and legs properly, it can take some time for a baby to get used to using their eyes. They may not be as responsive as you expect, and it can take a little bit of time before a newborn is able to track objects with their eyes. This can scare a lot of parents into thinking that their baby has eye problems. You can take them to a vision professional to help with this if you’re very concerned, though most children will quickly get used to using their eyes in everyday life.

When To Worry About Your Baby

Every baby is different, and this means that they will react differently to the world around them. One child may be happy to deal with a rough blanket, while another might scream their head off until you find something different. This makes it hard to know whether or not your baby is simply crying or actually has something wrong with them. Of course, alongside this, babies don’t always cry when they are experiencing discomfort or pain, making it incredibly difficult to spot problems when they are very young.

Taking your child to see the doctor on a regular basis during the first year or two of their life can be an excellent way to overcome this. You will have the chance to discuss any concerns you might have, along with giving your doctor the chance to notice things that might not be visible to you. This can put your mind at rest and ensure that your child is healthy throughout the most crucial stages of their development.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of tackling ordinary baby problems that leave most parents feeling stressed. This sort of process won’t be easy, and you may need to do some research along the way. Of course, though, it will all be worth it to make yourself feel better about the weirdness that comes with a newborn child.

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