No longer a Stressy Mama

No longer a Stressy Mama

So, as you’ve probably heard by now, I have decided to rebrand. I am no longer a Stressy Mama! Well, website wise at least! I am attempting to not be as stressy in real life too. Hence the change!

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to leave 2017 and the past behind me and move on, both in life and blog. Personally, I am making some massive changes in my life, so it is only fitting that my blog should change too. It has been a huge decision to make but definitely one I am happy with.

I will keep the Stressy Mama site going for a while, for the sake of my previous brand collaborations, but I don’t think I will be posting to it anymore. The new site is obviously going to be my priority. I have decided I won’t be transferring the content from the Stressy Mama site to the new site. Though there are a few posts I hope to remove from this site and repurpose for the new site. Maybe!


So, what is the new site called and what is it all about?

Drum roll, please…. I can reveal the new site is called… Serenely Sam Serenely Sam Logo

I know it sounds a bit weird going from Stressy to Serene, doesn’t it? But the change is fitting for my life right now and the new wellness journey I am about to embark on. I am leaving everything ‘stressy’ behind me and attempting to; no, I am definitely going to, live more serenely!

I will still be blogging about family/lifestyle related topics, but I also intend to blog about health and wellness related topics.


So when is the big launch?

The new site is live now!

There was so much I wanted to learn before launching, and I wanted to have a batch of posts written in advance, but this hasn’t worked out as I hoped. I am depressed at the moment and each day is a struggle so instead of putting pressure on myself to make the new site perfect, I decided to just launch and take it each day at a time.

I have changed all of my social media channels to the new name. Sorry for any confusion this causes!

I really hope you all like what you see on the new blog, and that I see you over there.

Love to you all,

Sam xxx