Screw You, Night Terrors!

So it’s official; my daughter, Molly, has night terrors! And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it! Well, I can give her a massive cuddle when it’s all over but that is about it.

Night terrors are one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. God knows how Molly must feel when she’s having one. During the episode, Molly always looks like she’s awake, but she isn’t. Her eyes are open and she is looking at you, but somehow she doesn’t seem there. It’s like she looks through you, and like we are looking into an empty shell..

And then she screams. It is loud and terrifying. She runs around the house from one room to the next. She physically shakes, so much so, I have actually thought she was having a seizure a few times. It is awful. And I feel completely helpless. She was two years old when they first started. How is this fair?

Here is a little (attempt at) a poem I have written to the night terrors…


Screw You, Night Terrors!

A question today I ask you dear night terrors,
Is if you think it possible you could have made errors?
Why I must ask, haunt my child while she’s sleeping?
She’s only two years old, there’s no need for her weeping.


She runs and she screams,
What the hell are these dreams?
That are clearly impacting, the way she’s now acting.


Her eyes are open but she doesn’t seem there,
And honestly night terrors this just isn’t fair.
We try and we try to comfort and reason,
Because this behaviour seems so out of season.


The girl that once resembled my daughter,
Is now starting to sink into really deep water.
She really is giving us all quite a scare,
But you, dear night terrors, do not seem to care.


What can we do when she just will not wake?
This vision is causing us all heartbreak.
So we sit and we wait and we hope and we pray,
That these nightmarish dreams will just go away.


Wait, what was that I may have just seen?
A glimmer of light where the darkness has been?
My daughters eyes twitch and then they blink,
Is this nightmare starting to shrink?


“Mummy” she cries and I see in her eyes,
That my daughter is back from this awful attack.
So we sit and we cuddle, and have a big snuggle.
And as we cuddle some more, My daughter starts to snore.


Her face now serene,
She is starting to dream.
So I give one last cuddle and put her in bed,
Praying for only nice scenes in her head.


She turns on her side and settles right down,
Her face still serene with no sight of a frown.
I give her a kiss and stand by her door,
Not wanting to leave; shall I sleep on the floor?


But she seems quite content,
With no signs of torment.
So I pull closed the door and head back to my bed,
But will sleep evade with past scenes in my head?


The house is now still and I settle too,
As I try to forget all we’ve been through.
Tonight night terrors you came and defeated,
But I promise you this, that won’t be repeated.


Next time we’ll be ready,
Our response will be steady.
With a message or two,
That starts with screw you..!


If anybody has experienced night terrors and has any tips, I would love to hear them.


Thank you for reading, Sam x


Best of Worst

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  1. Poor girl. And poor mummy! No advice I’m afraid, The Boy had one, once, and I sat on his floor crying, it was awful, he was screaming at me like he was terrified of me. I didn’t understand at first that he was sleeping. Hunky Husbands daughter apparently had a few years of them, but grew out of it in time, hopefully yours will too

    1. Thank you. I really hope she grows out of them because they are truly awful. And as a parent you feel completely useless, like you can’t help your child when they need it. But my partner is forever sleep talking and sleep walking so I think she is going to take after him..

  2. Oh no how horrible for you all! I haven’t got any experience of it but I think I read in a book that if they usually have the night terrors at the same time each night you could try waking them about 10 minutes before, keeping them awake until 10 minutes after the night terror normally ends as sometimes the change in routine seems to break the cycle. I’m not sure though and as I say I’ve not got any experience. Hope you find something that works though.

    1. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to them at the moment. Some nights she sleeps fine, others are terrible. Her dad is a sleeptalker/sleepwalker though so I think she is going to follow in his footsteps.. I really hope not though. Maybe I could try changing her bedtime routine to see if that makes any difference.. thank you for the suggestions.

  3. I have had night terrors most of my life and it seems youre doing the best ny mother could do! Being there for her and snuggling that little princess when shes scared is really all you can do. The hardest part for me as a child was recognizing when I was actually awake vs dreaming because it was so real too me. Maybe you could read into ‘grounding’ exercises that are used for people with anxiety. That is what helped me most. For example, when I’m having a panic attack, I list off five things I can see, four things I can touch, 3 things I hear etc in order to remind myself i am safe in the real world, the same worked for me when I would wake up scared. I know shes young but im sure she will pick up on it! Goos luck mommy! You can do this!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment and the suggestions. I will definitely try them with her. ☺

  4. Ah Hun these are awful 🙁 we have had bad dreams but never terrors. I wish I could wave a wand and tell them to eff off! Would hate to see it. I love your writing despite this and hope just another blooming phase. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    1. Thank you. They are awful. Hopefully a phase like you said. She hasn’t had one for a few weeks now so fingers crossed she has no more..x

  5. Aww this is so horrible. My nephew has night terrors and sometimes it can be really scary and horrible not just for him but his mum too #bestandworst

    1. It is so scary. The first time it happened I honestly thought she was possessed or something. It was terrifying x

  6. My daughter went through a difficult spell recently, all be could do was hug her and let her know we loved her lots. In time it passed, thank God!

  7. I sympathise, my eldest and my youngest both had/have night terrors. My eldest was so bad with them that we ended up at the doctors in the end, he was becoming increasingly agitated during his night terrors and I was worried he was going to hurt himself in the middle of one. He grew out of them around aged 10, although when he is really tired he still has one every now and then, so I’m hoping the same happens with our youngest. #bestandworst

    1. I worry about my daughters safety when she has one because she runs around and gets quite angry sometimes with them. I took her to the doctors and he was so dismissive of it, and made me feel like an idiot for taking her. And she shakes so violently with them too. It’s awful. X

  8. Aww what a horrible thing to happen. my daughter is 2 and half and has started getting nightmares but always wakes up…it sounds so scary. well done you guys for getting through it, I really hope it fades soon. lots of love G #bestandworst

    1. Thank you. I do too. The poor thing is only 2 so she shouldn’t have to deal with them x

    1. My OH is a really bad sleeper so I’m not surprised it has passed down to our daughter to be honest..