Did somebody press fast forward? It is nearly Molly’s third birthday .

Is it just me or do the years seem to be flying by? It honestly seems like Molly was only born a few weeks ago. Yet, here we are, about to celebrate her third birthday. How has it already been three years? Did somebody press fast forward? I cannot believe that her big day is only a month away, and that I have yet to make a single plan. I don’t have a clue what we will be doing or even what sort of gifts I will be getting for her. Celebrations for her first and second birthday differed significantly. It really was from one extreme to the next. First Birthday Molly’s first birthday was on a Sunday so we had a joint Birthday party and Christening. We went all out for the occasion. We had the Christening at the local Church and then went to a nearby hotel for the party. I am embarrassed to admit how much was spent on the occasion. But put it this way, it could have been (quite a lavish) wedding reception (..hangs head in shame..). I feel embarrassed thinking back now but at the time it felt justified. I told myself that because Molly was a miracle baby we should go all out. And as we were combining two occasions I justified the huge price tag that came with it.   It was a brilliant day. Friends and family came from all over the country to join the celebrations and we have some brilliant memories. Gift wise, as usual, I went over the top and bought her everything under the sun. Second Birthday Molly’s second birthday was the complete opposite. In contrast, we only spent about £50. We had a lot going on at the time and as Molly was only two and didn’t understand what her birthday was we got away with not really making any plans. I did feel really bad about it though as I thought we should have been doing more. We went for a pub lunch with my sister, brother –in-law and niece. Then we went to a play centre. We also had a bit of a tea party at the house while Molly opened her presents. In all honesty we probably had a better time than her first birthday because there was less fuss. And we actually got to spend time together. I still feel quite bad about it though even though it was more than enough of a celebration.   Gift wise, she was spoilt again. I just can’t help myself. I may have a problem! Ha-ha. Third Birthday Molly’s birthday this year is a little bit different as she is aware of what birthdays are. She has been telling me for weeks that it is nearly her birthday. She keeps saying, “Nearly my birthday. Can I have a chocolate cake like what daddy had? Please mama?” She has been talking about chocolate cake since April when Chris had one for his birthday. I feel quite guilty that I haven’t really given her birthday much thought until now. My mind has been preoccupied of late but I suppose I have a good excuse for not being on the ball. The pressure is on now though so I had better get planning. I’m stuck on ideas of what to do for the big day. I really don’t want the fuss of a party at the house. Maybe a party at a play centre instead? Though they are expensive for what they are (in my opinion). A day out at the zoo or funfair might be fun, but what would the weather be doing? Maybe we should take the opportunity to have a few days away together. These are all good ideas and Molly would enjoy them; I just can’t decide on any. Gift wise I am not really sure what to get her yet. She already has all the toys she needs. I know she would appreciate a big trampoline for the garden. She loves jumping. I had thought about getting her a fancy wooden playhouse but she already has a playhouse so doesn’t really need another. Maybe I could get her a new bike. A motorised car could be fun.  Maybe I should just buy her some new clothes and wrap them up because she does need them. Whatever we end up doing or buying I am sure Molly will have a good time. Can somebody make it easier for me and tell me what to do and buy please? Or better yet, organise it for me? Ha-ha. Seriously though, did somebody press fast forward? How is my baby girl almost three? She will be going to school next year (sobs dramatically..) Sam x *UPDATE* You can also find me blogging at Serenely Sam