Messy Monday, Crappy Crafter!

I absolutely love all things craft related; whether this be painting, drawing, making jewellery, pottery or whatever… If it involves crafting, I love it. I’m always saving pictures and links to things I can attempt to create at a later date, whether that be by myself or with my daughter, Molly.

The problem is, I have no artistic flair at all.

None! My head is filled with so many ideas, but when it actually comes to crafting, the end result is usually a huge disappointment. The vision in my head doesn’t seem to pass down to my hands. They just don’t do what I want them to do.

Anyway, I’m a try hard and not one to give up my love of making a crafting mess, so what better way to make a mess than with a two year old?

I love having messy play sessions with Molly. She loves it too, especially anything that involves painting her hands. And because she’s two, she doesn’t yet know that Mummy has no talent or creative ability!

So with a bunch of leaves we collected over the weekend as our inspiration, we decided to get crafty with them.

This is what we would be working with…

Molly couldn’t wait to get stuck in and make a mess..

Hmmmm.. just a bit more glue there..
Now what should I use next…

I love messy play because you don’t know what the results will be. I love seeing Molly sit down, look at the supplies and then get stuck in. She kind of sits and really contemplates what she will do before getting stuck in.

Glittering leaves. I wonder if I can use this as a Birthday card for someone.. 😂

I don’t know if Molly had a vision in her head when she looked at what she had to work with, but this was the end result of one of her pictures..

My cousin thinks this looks like a purple chick in a nest… I can’t see it though..

At first I thought, bloody hell, what am I supposed to do with that. Maybe I’ll give it to Granny…

But you know what, Molly put all her effort in to that piece of art (that’s right, I dared to call it art…) so I’m going to keep it. And I’m going to be proud to keep hold of it.

By the looks of it, Molly has my lack of artistic flair, but I think the picture is beautiful anyway because she made it..

So I shall keep it. And in fact, I am going to buy a scrap book of some sort and start saving all her pictures for her to look back on when she’s older.

The most important thing to remember is that Molly had fun creating her artwork, and I am a proud Mama watching her have such a good messy time.

I can’t wait for our next messy play session.

Thanks for reading, Sam x

Two Tiny Hands

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  1. I actually think both of her creations are really lovely! You definitely keep them and put them on the fridge. I’m trying to be reserved with Little H’s creations – if I don’t like them I give them to family or recycle them. But I do keep the ones which look pretty and she’s actually put time into. She’ll smile looking at them when she’s older; I did with my old drawings! I’m like you, not a natural creative even though in my head I have plenty of ‘visions’. Working with a toddler is ideal as what you create is usually better than theirs – haha 😉 #FamilyFun

    1. I was actually looking back of some of my old paintings and ‘art’ projects my mum has kept just recently. As much as I was shocked thinking what the blummin hec is that I made, why has my mum kept that, it was actually really nice to be able to see them. I am forever giving her pictures away but I am going to start keeping more I think. X

  2. 😂😂. I love this. I try so hard to be crafty but truth me told I’m useless and I keep blaming the kids being too young to get it. How old is your daughter may I ask? She looks to be having a great time and who cares what it looks like it’s the fun and skills oh and the stimulation it provides! Good on you for doing it. Thank you for sharing at #familyfun

    1. Thank you. She was 2 in July. She is still a little young but she loves making a mess and is always demanding we draw or get the paint out etc so she obviously has fun with it ☺

  3. Aw I think they are amazing pictures, moo moo did a great job. I find messy play quite stressful but I try and do it regularly with Leo because he loves it xx #familyfun

  4. Ooo I can see the purple chick. I try out messy play with my little man I find it really fun to watch them get mucky and sticky. It’s totally worth it. You should join in with my new monthly link up #messandplay all play related things apply! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun