Making New Memories 

This weekend myself and my sister are taking our little girls to the Isle of Man for a few days. I have family who live there so I have been visiting the island for as long as I can remember, and have some amazing memories.  I love the place and would move there in a heartbeat if I could. This trip will be the first time my daughter Molly, and niece Jessica, have visited the island. I have so many fond memories of holidays in the Isle of Man so I cannot wait to start making new memories with Molly and Jess. Both girls are really looking forward to seeing their Grandad, my dad, who lives there. They are also excited at the thought of getting on a plane again. I know I should probably be dreading the journey with two toddlers, especially as it is just myself and my sister going while both dads stay home (I bet they can’t wait to get rid of us for a few days), but we all went to Lanzarote a few months ago and that went quite well; only a tantrum or two between both girls for the entire journey and that is a much longer flight. Although, I can’t help but wonder if our previous flight with the girls is giving me a false confidence. Especially when you consider the fact that I am still recovering from the laparoscopy surgery I had just after Christmas and we will be two parents down. But, we have everything planned so we should be okay. Right? Please Universe, be kind to us and do not let me eat my words… As a child I used to love getting on the ferry from Liverpool or Heysham to the Isle of Man. The ferries seemed massive.  The journey took four hours and I saw it as part of my holiday. I loved running around the boat, going in all the different lounges, walking around the decks, playing in games rooms… There is still a ferry that takes four hours now, but there is also a faster one which takes around two and a half hours, but this doesn’t run in the winter months.  As an adult I no longer find the ferry exciting. It takes far too long, and the thought of travelling for four hours with two toddlers fills me with dread. That is before I even take into consideration how clumsy Molly is. I would spend the entire journey worrying that she is somehow going to fall overboard. For these reasons, the ferry is not an option! Flying is the only way, but it’s more fun anyway. I’m so excited to start making new memories in the Isle of Man with Jess and Molly. A lot of the activities and sights will be weather dependant but even if we stay in my dad’s house all weekend, it is still a change of scenery which is always refreshing. I can honestly say, I am more excited about our long weekend to the Isle of Man to see family, than I am at the thought of another 2 weeks, all inclusive somewhere. Maybe I’m weird. Who in the right mind wouldn’t want an all inclusive in the sun? Don’t get me wrong, of course I’d love a holiday in the sun, but I think this little trip is one that is to be full of sentiment, and one that will bring back lots of memories for my sister and me.  I know that I will visit often with Molly and Jess so they will both have their own special memories to look back on – that is if we don’t move there any time soon anyway! What kind of holidays do you prefer or what type of childhood holidays bring back the most sentiment? I’d love to hear about yours. I’d also love to hear any tips you have for travelling with toddlers. Especially toddlers that have a tendency to lose their shit without warning, or have regular bouts of sudden onset selective hearing… No doubt I will write something soon about how our trip went but for now, as always, thank you for reading.   Sam x *UPDATE* You can also find me blogging at Serenely Sam