Making Life Easier For New Mums
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Making Life Easier For New Mums

Being a mum is amazing. Being able to wake up each morning to see a little piece of you is the most gratifying feeling and it will make you feel like a million dollars. But of course having a child isn’t all fun and games and it can be a stressful time too. But here are some of our new Mum tips to help you feel a little more in control when you are looking after your baby.


Prep your meals

One of the things which can be exhausting for a new Mum trying to take get to grips with her life is making meals. By the time you are finished looking after your child every day, you will likely be too tired to think about cooking a fresh meal for yourself, and this can make you feel even more tired and drained. This is why it can be a lifesaver to start prepping meals one day a week and then using these meals for the rest of your week to feed yourself and your partner. You can find lots of amazing slow cooker meals online which are ideal for anyone who wants to make life easier.


Have a schedule

If you are going to look after a baby and make time for all of your other responsibilities you’ll need to have a clear schedule each day to keep you on track. This will include things like taking time out for a shower, eating, changing the baby and play time and it can make your life so much easier. Plus, if you have a morning and night routine with your baby it will be much easier for them to get to sleep at night and wake up in the mornings.


Say no to visitors

When you have a baby everyone in your life will suddenly expect to come and rush to your home to see the child. Although it’s nice that people want to share this experience with you, it can be hard for new parents to cope with all the stress and it can make your days much more difficult than they need to be. These first few months of your life are precious and they will allow you to bond with your baby, so it’s ok to say no to people visiting because you need this time alone with your baby.


Know your baby

Another thing which will happen from the moment you announce that you are in pregnant is people giving you advice on what you should be doing with your baby. A lot of this will be conflicting and it can be difficult to know which advice you need to follow. If anything, you shouldn’t take advice at all unless it is from your doctor or midwife because motherhood is your journey and you will get to know what works for you and your child.


Don’t stress about your baby’s development

One of the things which new mums can really get themselves stressed out about is how fast their child is developing. It can be weird to think of your child as not walking or talking as fast as other babies you know, and it could lead you to think you’ve done something wrong when looking after them, but you haven’t. Every single baby is unique and they will develop at different times. If Your baby isn’t walking as fast as other babies that’s just because they like sitting down! But seriously, don’t fret over this stuff because it is not your fault.


Arrange date night

One of the things which can definitely have an effect on adults when they have kids is the time it takes out of their lives. This is why so many parents split up and it is something which you need to think about with your partner. Take time every month or for an hour once a week to just be completely alone with your other half. You will both need it to keep the Love fresh in your life and you both deserve a break from looking after your baby.


Take me time

Me time is a term which might lose all meaning once you have a baby because it will feel as if you are never truly alone anymore. But if you want to be happy as a Mum and keep your sanity you do need to take time out now and again for yourself. An hour or me time where you use the best nipple cream and apply a face mask to pamper yourself can be just what you need to wipe the stress away.

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