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Kids Grow Up So Fast!

Boy isn’t this true. From the moment you bring them home, it seems like a flash until it’s their first birthday. The rest of the time just seems to go buy so quickly, with new challenges that you face along the way. But you tackle them and grow as a family, and create some beautiful memories along the way. That doesn’t stop the stress that you feel with the different stages of their life. There are many obstacles that come when they do start to grow up so fast, some of them we want to talk about today. We want to make sure that you feel like you’re getting a smooth ride as a parent, rather than feeling like you’re pulling your hair out all of the time. As a busy mum, it can definitely feel like you are pulling your hair out more than you aren’t! So, if you keep on reading, we’ll show you the many ways that kids grow up so fast, and the ways that you can deal with the struggles that you’ll face.

The Expense

The amount of money that the average parent spends to raise their child is truly incredible. It’s by far the most expensive thing to do, but because it’s spread out of 18 years, we never think about the total. One of the things that makes it so expensive, is the constant clothing and shoes that you have to buy them. They’re either going to grow out of it within a couple of months, or they’re going to hate it, or it’ll get ruined. To make sure that things last a little longer, we’d recommend going for items that are a little bit more expensive, and slightly too big for them. As they get older they won’t be growing as quickly, but whilst they’re young this is essential. Making sure it’s clothing that suits them and their likes and dislikes is also important. You could go for kids streetwear if they like something a little more funky, or simple branded clothes if they would like to go more plain and simple. Kids will quickly start to show an interest in what they’re wearing from a young age.

The Many Tantrums

Tantrums will come in many different forms. They will start with the temper tantrums of a two year old, and gradually get better or worse. Some children naturally have an angry streak in them due to their personality, making discipline and connection harder as they get older. To control the tantrums, we think parents shouldn’t be so controlling and overpowering. As long as you go with their flow for the most part, whilst ensuring this does not come across as getting their own way, the tantrums will be far less than if you’re forcing them to do something they don’t like.

The Distance

The distance may come as they get into their teenage years. They’re either going to be really close to you, or every day will feel like a losing battle. Again, controlling this comes with respecting their wishes, which is really easy to do. As they get older they should be able to live their own life. You should only step in if they’re putting themselves in danger.

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