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Strive For The Right Balance: Keeping Your Children Healthy When They Have Lots Of Extracurricular Activities

You might have spent a lot of time ensuring your child got off the couch and did something with their spare time. You got them interested in sport and drama but now, rather than being glued to the couch, you hardly ever see them! While it’s important that our children have extracurricular activities, there can be a danger of our children doing too much. This is something that has to be addressed, especially if your children take part in after school activities while playing for the football team, not to mention undertaking all of that studying! But what can we do to make sure that our children are healthy and happy when they have, potentially, too many extracurricular activities?

An Energizing Diet

For many people, it goes back to the cornerstone of a healthy diet. If your children are constantly out late rehearsing or exercising the temptation can be for them to go to a fast-food outlet. While there’s nothing wrong with this being a treat it’s important to reinforce the idea of how foods can make you feel. This is especially true when your children need extra energy to undertake all of that arduous running around. There are plenty of young athletes snack ideas that you can take advantage of. And even though you may not see them much you can still encourage family dinners where you all sit down together. This can be a nice reminder of the family bond and gives your children the opportunity to discuss their days. Even if it is just one hour every couple of days, dinner can be the glue that holds the family together.

Make Sure They Have Enough Sleep

Many parents may think their children don’t need much sleep because they are young. In fact, teenagers can require up to 10 hours of sleep a night! When there are too many extracurricular activities children won’t get enough sleep. Diet is one side of it but also making sure that they get the sleep amount relevant to their age is the other side. A lack of sleep in children can have various consequences, not just in terms of their physical health, but in terms of their development as well. Even if they are out all day and return home with just an hour to spare before bedtime, instilling a wind-down routine of sorts is crucial.

Working Smart With A Schedule

There are two points to be made here. Firstly, if your children work hard there can be a way for them to work smart. For example, if they spend a lot of time studying textbooks it could be just as beneficial to study through different approaches to reading. Ensuring they know their learning styles can make things so much easier, especially if they don’t like studying in the traditional sense. Secondly, having a proper schedule in place means that they can understand just how much time to devote to extracurricular activities. This means carving out time for school, homework, sleep, as well as playtime! Many children don’t play as much as they used to and perhaps it’s time to reintroduce this?

Extracurricular activities are fantastic but there can be such a thing as overdoing it. They can certainly set our children up for a good life but it’s important for them to strive for the right balance.

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