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It’s the little things that matter

What matters most to you? What is important to you? After spending a lovely Sunday with just my little family, I sat down in the evening thinking over the days events.  Whilst reminiscing, I was reminded of what matters, and of what is important. It’s the little things that matter. The little things are actually big things, they are the memories we will cherish throughout our lifetime.

Chris, Molly and I usually go swimming on a Sunday morning but we gave it a miss this week, deciding instead to have a lazy morning at home.

The three of us made some yummy Cornflake cakes. These are my all time favourite cakes! I make these quite often with Molly because they are super simple to make, meaning she can get involved.


Molly loves pouring the Cornflakes into the chocolate and mixing it all up. She always insists on spooning the mixture into the cake cases herself, making a good old mess in the process. She has fun though so I don’t mind a bit of mess.

Later, while Chris made a start on dinner for later that evening, Molly and I got the paint out. She absolutely loves painting and jumps around in joy whenever I mention the word ‘paint’.

Molly, like most kids I’m sure, usually ends up with more paint on her than the paper. She is two though and it isn’t called messy play for nothing. Her favourite thing to paint is her hand (and mine for that matter) and then making hand print pictures.


After painting we went for a walk through the local fields and wooded area. We collected lots of leaves, twigs and pine cones along the way with the idea of making pictures with them at some point in the coming days. (Note to self: buy some more PVA glue!).

Molly had so much fun looking at all the different types of leaves on different trees and picking a selection to take home. She laughed her head off, as did I, when her daddy nearly fell down a hill while trying to pick up some pines cones from the floor.

We put all our leaves in my bag (creepy crawlies too which I discovered in horror when we got home) and set off on the walk back home, briefly stopping at the park on the way.

Molly and I settled on the sofa and watched a bit of Cbeebies while Chris finished making dinner. Meat and potato pie with loads of beetroot and covered in gravy. Perfect Sunday evening comfort food. It was lovely.

By 8pm, Chris and I were sat on the sofa watching TV with a hot chocolate. Well and truly exhausted but having had a lovely day.

We didn’t exactly do anything overly exciting, or have a day out somewhere special. We were just at home and in the local area. But it was the fact that we were all together, enjoying each others company and appreciating everything we have that made it so special.

I am truly grateful for my family. Seeing joy in my daughters eyes because of simple things like painting and picking leaves from trees, or seeing my Chris and Molly laughing together really fills me with pride.

We are truly blessed and I can’t wait until our next “lazy day” at home because it will be way more special than a day out somewhere in my opinion.


What do you think? What is most important to you?

To me, It really is the small things that matter..


Sam x


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  • Angela Watling

    Sounds like a lovely day indeed! I enjoy days like this too, especially when they are spontaneous. It’s so easy to overplan when you have a small one, to try and keep them busy. But every now and then they enjoy the down time just as much as you! #FamilyFun

  • tammymum

    I love days like that sometimes they are so refreshing and just what you need, play it by ear family time together. Sometimes with no pressure on having fun and packing your day full of activities and letting the day take its own course is just the ticket and more fun! Ps I LOVE cornflake cakes too! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

  • Nicole

    So very true… the best days are the ones spent together with family doing something or nothing. Just being together in the moment, enjoying the small joys of life:)

    • stressymama

      It’s nice having family days out but I think unplanned days in are the best. Thanks for the lovely comment ☺