I’m going out out tonight!

I’m going out out tonight!

Just a quick post I thought of writing an hour or so ago, as I was in the shower actually! I’m going out out tonight!  We are seeing boyband Five at a local club, or should that be manband Three these days?? I’m not going to lie, the little 90s girl in me is totally fangirling. I hope I keep my shit together when they come on stage.

Going out out as a thirty something parent is way different than it was as a twenty something singleton, as any parent will know.

For a start, when I was younger, going out about 10pm was the norm. By 10pm these days I want to be in bed. The club Five are performing in doesn’t open until 11pm. I know, 11pm. That is way past my bedtime. And as if that isn’t bad enough, the manband isn’t performing until about 1.30am!!! How am I going to survive until 1.30am? Maybe I should go to bed now for a bit and set my alarm for 12:30am, then jump in a taxi to the club. That won’t happen but I know what will. I will have a few wines to keep me going.

Whenever Molly is having a play date we always have words beforehand.  I say she has to be a good girl. Molly says to me “I play nice mama. No fighting, no pushing, no biting.  I share my toys…” She knows the rules; not sure why she never sticks to them though.

Anyway, much like I have words with Molly before a play date, I feel like I have to have words with myself before going out. It goes something like… “Right Sam, best behaviour tonight. You’re an adult. You’re a responsible parent. I expect you to act like both.  No drinking too much, no doing shots, no fighting, no pushing, no being sick in public, and most importantly, do not buy a kebab on the way home. You do not like them …”  If I follow my rules I should be ready to parent in the morning when Molly comes back from her aunties house.

I don’t get out much these days so I may have a slight tendency to let my hair down a little too much when I do go out. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

I will go out with the best of intentions. I am a grown up so I am sure I will be on my best behaviour. But… I’m Going Out Out! Please me, don’t make me parent with a wine head!

What do you do if you go out? Do you tend to have a wine or two too many, or do you act like the responsible adult you are?


Sam x


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  • Donna

    Have a great night! I loved 5ive!

    I’m terrible. I say “I’ll just have a glass of wine with dinner and be home by 9” then at 1 am I’m battered and trying to sleep on the sofa because I’ve gone mad at Jim about something tiny that happened 3 years ago!

    • stressymama

      Haha. If I say I’m not staying out or drinking much, that usually means I’ll be doing sambuca shots until 5am! I really hope not..I always seem to drop and break my phone too.