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How to Stay Calm Under the Pressure of Motherhood

Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep calm. Maybe you have had a bad day at work, the kids are playing up, and you just burnt the dinner, and you are going through a whole range of emotions, not any of them positive. But if you can develop a way to remain calm, despite this kind of provocation, then you will be a little bit closer to having a more serene mindset. Life can be a challenge, and things are there to test us, yet we have a choice. It is in our power how we react to things and how to move forward. With a greater sense of calm, you will be able to make better life decisions and problem-solve with ease. Here are a few ways you can get more calm in your life.

Have Some You Time

You need to take time to get away from all the stress and relax. If you can’t have spa days or anything extravagant like that, you need to find a way to have you-time at home. Perhaps a long bath a couple of times a week. Or even just ten minutes here and there to relax and recharge those batteries. If you really want to maximise you-time, then why not embark on a meditation practice. If you do, you will really reap the benefits, such as reduced stress levels. Do not work yourself out. Find time for yourself and never think it is indulgent. In fact, the opposite is true. If you want to be a good Mum, Mum’s needs to relax.

Get More Sleep

Never underestimate the value of a good nights sleep. It has so many benefits, from repairing your body to ensuring the brain record memories and therefore helping you remember things. It also reduces stress. So, if you are not getting enough shut-eye, you can be sure this is contributing to your feelings of irritability. Try to get to bed half an hour earlier, and don’t look at the phone for an hour before you go to bed. The light actually keeps you awake. Also, avoid alcohol, coffee and tea too late as these all have a negative impact on quality sleep.

Get Rid of the Stressors you can

Now some of these may be very easy to eliminate from your life. Other stresses may not be so easy to fix. But it would help if you knew just what exactly is in your life that causes you stress. If you have a large debt and haven’t started managing it, for example, maybe you can call that financial advisor. If you have a partner who lives overseas, why not get a spouse visa application. There may be more simple things you can eliminate, too, like that morning coffee every Tuesday with that toxic friend, or how about saying no when you know you should, but you usually say yes. Being a people pleaser is one sure-fire way to burden yourself with too much stress. So say no, and find the calm that comes after.

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