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How To Help Your Child Choose Their Subjects At School

Dropping your child off for their first day at school is a daunting moment but before you know it, they’ll be coming to the end of their educational career. It goes by in a flash and it can be a tough transition for parents and children, especially when they first start high school.

During their time at high school, your child will have to decide what subjects they want to continue with and this will impact their future opportunities in education. Making the wrong decision here can mean that they are unable to pursue the university courses that they want or apply for jobs that they are interested in. However, they’re only young and life is never straightforward, so there is always time to change their mind about what they want to do. 

Your child will probably have difficulty with this decision because, to them, it feels like they are mapping out their whole future. As a parent, you should do everything you can to make the decision easier for them. Here’s how to help your child decide which subjects they want to study at school. 

Ask Them About The Future 

Asking your child about the future is often a good place to start. Not every child knows what they want to do but many have an idea of the area that they might like to work in. Often, this will change as they get older and that’s fine, but right now, you can use it as a guide to help them decide on their subjects. Ask them about the kind of job they want and then do some research to see what subjects are needed. For example, if they want to be a vet or a doctor, they will need to take all of the science subjects. There isn’t always a clear cut path but you can find subjects that are related to their interests. 

Ask Them What They Enjoy 

This is an important one that people forget. Choosing subjects that will help your child in their career is important, but remember that they are only young. It’s equally important that they choose subjects they enjoy because if they don’t like the lessons, they won’t engage with them and their results won’t be good. However, if you help them pick subjects they are passionate about, they are more likely to pursue them through further education and they might just find their calling in life. 

Use Tutors To Explore Subjects 

If there are subjects that your child is unsure about, you can use tutors to help them explore a little more and see what they are likely to be learning. If you find a tutor online and get them to take your child through the basics of the curriculum for the next year or so, they’ll get a better idea of whether they enjoy it or not. This is also a brilliant way to give them a great head start on next year’s lessons if they do decide to take that subject. In some cases, your child might be interested in a subject but unsure about continuing with it because they struggle with it. A tutor can be great here too because they can help your child catch up and boost their confidence. 

Find Out How Subjects Are Assessed 

Knowing how subjects will be assessed will help your child make the right choice for them. You should think about their strengths and find subjects that play into those strengths. For example, if your child is very outgoing and social, a subject that is assessed through presentations is great. But if they are very quiet and they hate public speaking, that will be a real challenge for them. Some kids thrive in exams but struggle with coursework, while others are more self-motivated and prefer coursework over exams. Take this into account when making your decision and you can drastically increase your child’s chances of success. 

Let Them Make The Decision

Let your child know that it’s a bad idea to pick subjects just because their friends are doing it or because they like the teacher. Always give your input as well, so they know your opinion. However, don’t override their decision, even if you disagree with it. This is the first big decision they have made about their own future and it’s vital that you let them decide for themselves

Helping your child choose their subjects for school can be tough, but if you keep these tips in mind, you can make the perfect choices together. 

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