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How To Help A Child That Learns Differently

Have you noticed that your child seems to perform differently in school than all the other children? Maybe they always struggle to concentrate on their homework, or perhaps their grades don’t reflect the intelligence you see every day. This sort of thing happens quite regularly, and it’s usually because your child learns differently from others. 

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your child has learning difficulties, it’s more that their style of learning doesn’t match the traditional school system. For whatever reason, they just don’t respond well to the teaching methods, and it’s reflected in their work. 


What should you do if your child is like this? The worst approach is to try to force them into adapting to the traditional learning method. Some people respond to different things better than others, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Instead, you have two different options that may help them out:

Teaching your child from home can be a fantastic way of tapping into their preferred learning method. Here, you have time to play around with different learning styles and teaching methods. Try out different ways of teaching your child, and see which ones they respond better to. You might discover that your child is a visual or interactive learner. This means they learn and pick things up when they see visual cues or can interact with things. 

If they were at school, they wouldn’t get a chance to use this learning style all the time. Instead, they’re stuck doing what’s supposedly best for the general population of children. By homeschooling, you tailor each lesson to your child, ensuring they learn in a manner that suits their preferences. 

Boarding schools

Alternatively, you could send your child off to a boarding school. Now, the idea of doing this can seem scary for a lot of parents. You almost feel like you’re ditching your child and sending them away. In reality, a lot of private boarding schools are specifically equipped to teach children with learning differences. These schools are much smaller, so each child has a more tailored approach to learning. It means they have access to teachers that can identify their learning style and cater to it. 

Plus, they will live in a school environment with other children that could be like them. It helps them feel more at ease at school, rather than feeling like they’re left out. Obviously, there are concerns about boarding schools that might worry you. Some parents hate the thought of being away from their kids for so long, and that’s completely fine. It’s up to you, just know that this exists as an option. 

Helping a child that learns differently is all about finding out why they learn differently. What is it about the current school lessons that your child doesn’t like? How can you then tweak things to find a learning method that appeals to them? As mentioned in this post, you can either attempt to do this at home or find help from a specialist school. Either way, your child will start learning how their brain is designed to learn!

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