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How To Get Your Kids Motivated With Schoolwork

We’ve all been there – the same arguments and battles that have happened time and time again – getting our kids to do their school work. Throw a worldwide pandemic and home schooling into the mix and you have got yourself a near impossible situation. No matter if you have the most well-behaved and studious child in the world, there will be times when they feel completely unmotivated and unwilling to do their work. This can be frustrating and time-wasting for all involved and leave you all feeling demoralised and deflated. If you are finding your children are having difficulty engaging in or doing their work, there are a few things you can do to get them motivated. Here are some top tips…

Remind them what all this work is for

Sometimes it can be hard to visualize the bigger picture. Remind your kids that you aren’t making them do their school work because you are mean, but because you want them to have success in the future. You want them to be able to go into any career they want, whether that be a teacher, a family dispute lawyer or a writer.

Get involved

As a parent it can be a real benefit to your children if you get involved with the work with them. Sit down with them and read through their homework with them. Try and help guide them in the right direction (though avoid actually doing the work for them!) Engage with them about what they are learning at school at the moment and encourage them to talk to you about their day, their struggles at school and what they have enjoyed.

Reward them based on effort rather than the outcome

Your kid could work their socks off yet still come out with a grade that they are not happy with. Someone else could put no effort in and get an A. This is why it is important that you reward them based on their effort rather than the outcome. As long as they are trying their hardest, that is what is important and you need to remind them of that. 

Speak with their teacher

If your kid is really struggling, it is a good idea to speak to their teacher. You can find out if anything extra is bothering them such as if they are having friend troubles or being bullied. The sooner this is nipped in the bud, the better it is and the happier and more engaged your child is likely to be.

These are just a few things that you can do to help your child get more motivated with their schoolwork. It will feel like a bit of an uphill battle, but you will find that it gets easier over time. Ensure your kid knows that you are there for them and to support them in any way you can. Let them know you just want them to do their best and you will be proud. What are your top tips for getting your kids motivated with their school work? Let me know in the comments!

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