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Home-School: Giving Your Kids Extra Education

It’s no secret that kids have to be pushed through school, especially during the early years. They don’t understand the importance of their time in this place, and will often see it as a burden rather than a benefit, making it tricky for parents who don’t know how to help their children. Thankfully, though, millions of moms and dads have been through this before. This means that there are loads of resources out there to support you with this, and this post is a great starting point. By exploring some of the extra education you can give them at home, it will highlight the most crucial elements for their development.

Before School

This journey can begin before they even start at school. There are loads of toys on the market which are designed to help a young kid learn, with options for the very youngest babies to the oldest teenagers. In the beginning, they will only need simple toys, with most of their learning being done through observation. It’s worth giving them the chance to be social when they are this young, with playgroups and other establishments being great places for little ones to go when they haven’t had the chance to make friends yet. They won’t exactly be socialites, but they will benefit a lot from learning from one another.

In The Early Years

Once they’ve started at school, the role of a parent is largely dictated by the problems which the teacher will see. This means that, along with normal parent’s evenings, it’s worth having regular conversations with their teachers to make sure that they are on the right track. When they are falling behind in an area, it’s worth giving them some activities to try at home. It’s always best to do this before they are allowed to play or eat dinner, as this will ensure that they have the chance to focus properly. If they lose their focus, it will be extremely hard to get them back on track, making it worth having them learn when they are fresh from the classroom.

Homework & Assignments

Most schools won’t give their youngest children homework, instead saving this until they’ve been at the school for a year or two. Once they start getting this, though, it will be well worth pouring time into helping them with it. It will be all too easy for them to rush through their work on their own, getting questions wrong and making mistakes along the way. They won’t learn anything if they go down this route, though, and this makes it crucial that you put time into supporting them with their most important homework and assignments. You can get resources for your classroom at home to solve this, with loads of companies producing options which can push your child in the right direction.


A lot of schools give their students exams from a fairly early age. While they aren’t hugely important to their future, these early tests can provide an insight into your child’s development, and are crucial when you want them to improve. Revising might not get them big grade increases, but it will help to establish a routine for their more serious exams in the future. Once they start to get older, all of their tests will mean a lot more to them, and this makes it worth working hard to help them out even more at this stage.

Smaller Subjects

There are a lot of great subjects which schools don’t have time to teach their students, and this is a big shame. A lot of people find that specific fields interest them a lot more than others, making it much easier to work hard at learning about them. For example, your child may be a dab hand when it comes to electronics, but they won’t get the chance to explore these skills until they are much older. By giving them the chance to try things like this at home, you could spark something which will drive their future, while also giving them a massive head start when compared to other people in the industry.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to start working hard to give your kids extra education. This sort of process can take a lot of time and effort, though it will be worth it to improve their future your children have. As time goes on, you will find this easier and easier, and it should become a part of your normal routine. If you need more help, though, it will be worth talking to the teachers for some ideas.

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