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Helping Your Child To Succeed In School

School can be very complicated for kids to get on with; there’s a lot to learn, a lot of people to try and get on with, and who knows if they’ll rub along with their teachers either? As a parent, it’s difficult to watch your child go off to school, as you want to do your best to support them, but you simply can’t always be with them. 

However, supporting your child through school can be a lot more manageable than you might think. There are plenty of small, simple ways to encourage and motivate your little one, and with the points below, you might just be able to get your child to start loving their time at school! 

Don’t Focus on Grades

Grades are important, of course. But if they’re all you see when looking at your child’s reports, and they’re all you want to know about, your little one is going to feel very discouraged about school. They’ll be worried about disappointing you if they get anything less than an A, and you wouldn’t want them to be so disheartened. 

So instead, focus on how they get to these grades. Take pride in how much they study, and congratulate them on coming up with new ways to retain information. For subjects such as History, think about taking them out to local points of interest to encourage their knowledge. And for subjects like science, even help them with a practical or two! 

Send Them to the Right School

Every child needs a different kind of school to support them. Picking the right school with your child’s needs in mind can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Even just asking a few simple questions can help you come to the right answer. Of course, always ask your child how they’d feel about the school you’ve picked as well! 

Does your child love to socialize? Send them to a school where they can mingle with hundreds of other children. Does your child like the quiet? Send them somewhere more private and focused. Does your child have special needs to address? Think about sending them to a specialist school for autism that could provide them with round the clock support and care. 

Develop a Better Routine

A school routine is very much the basis of getting your child settled into a learning environment. Get up, get dressed, breakfast, get to school, school, hometime, homework, something fun to do, bed – this is very much the typical schooling routine. 

However, there’s a lot of wiggle room inside this frame. You can get prepared the night before, to save time in the morning, and kids can have yummy snacks before homework, to encourage them to get on with it. Think about how your child gets ready and unwinds after a school day, and see if you can change anything to benefit them. 

Succeeding in school is something every child wants to do, and this is how you can best help them! 

*Collaborative post