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Helping Your Child Become More Confident

Building your child’s self-confidence will help them to flourish both socially and academically. Positive self-esteem will also give your child the ability to face life’s challenges and encourage them to explore new environments.

Read on for some great tips provided by an independent girls’ school in Surrey, on how you can raise a more confident child…

Striking up conversation

Talking to new people can be difficult, even for adults! To help your child feel more confident about speaking to others, it can be useful to prepare a few conversation starters together. These could include simple compliments like ‘your dress is pretty’ to friendly questions like ‘do you want to play?’

Making friends

School playgrounds can often feel overwhelming to young children because they are loud and chaotic. If you have a quiet child, it can be helpful to organise a play date at home with one or two classmates. This will help your child to build friendships in a calmer setting, where they feel more relaxed and confident.

Practicing social skills

Set a good example for your children by demonstrating effective social skills with others. Teach your child to smile and say hello to visitors, ask questions when they do not understand, and offer help to those in need. It is also important to explain how to hold a conversation by waiting for their turn to speak and listening to others.

Feeling independent

Where possible, try to take a step back and give your child more independence. This will help them to problem solve and in turn build their confidence. With younger children, you can set up situations where you are able to supervise from afar. For example, let your child make her own lunch by leaving all of the ingredients on the table ready for her to assemble.

Trying new experiences

Encourage your child to take up extra-curricular activities to help develop their hobbies and interests. This is a great way to boost your child’s self-confidence, because these new experiences allow your child to gain new skills, explore a new environment, and meet new people.

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