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Halloween Paper Plates

I love messy play sessions with my daughter and niece. I think there is nothing better than getting the paint and craft things out and letting them have at it. Having fun and making a mess.  With Halloween just around the corner, my sister and I thought we would use it as our inspiration, and make some spooky Halloween Paper Plates with the girls.

That was the idea anyway.  If they turned out remained to be seen…

The fact that we were using paper plates instead of paper was really exciting for the girls. They couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I think we were taking too long sorting the paints out though because they were getting rather inpatient!

Note to self – make sure you get the paint ready before sitting the children down. They are likely to lose it if you take too long..!

We weren’t entirely sure where we were going with our Halloween Paper Plates. We decided that if we painted one of the plates orange it would make a perfect pumpkin, and if we painted one of the plates green, it would make a wicked witch! Cue Pinterest for inspiration!

The girls love getting messy with paint, and both of them love painting their hands, so we threw in a few handprints too for good measure.

We are all really pleased with the outcome ofour Halloween Paper Plates. And as we made a few, both girls can take one into nursery because they are having a Halloween crafts competition.

I loved the idea of making Halloween Paper Plates. It is something a little bit different but still easy enough for a two year old and a three year old to have a go at. It’s also an inexpensive way of having fun too.

I think we might attempt something spooky with plastic cups or clay next time. And we have loads of paper plates left so no doubt we will be crafting our way through them really soon..

Happy Halloween all..

Thanks for reading, Sam x