Gratitude Post #9 – Thank you September

Is it just me or did September last about two minutes? This year is flying by! It will be Christmas before we know it; I’ve actually done quite a lot of my Christmas shopping already. Chris says we are finished buying presents for Molly; I agreed with him, knowing full well I will probably keep buying her things. I can’t help myself! But, before I wish the weeks away, here is the latest edition of my gratitude series, Gratitude Post #9 – Thank you September.


Goodbye for now…

Chris and I attended a memorial service this month for the baby we lost earlier in the year. Attending the service was a difficult decision, but I am glad we went through with it. It gave us the opportunity to say ‘goodbye for now’ to our little angel baby. We will never have closure or ‘get over’ our loss, but this was a fitting way for us to try to accept what happened and start the next chapter of our lives. RIP our beautiful little angel. x

Gratitude Post #9 – Thank you September


Happy blogiversary

It has officially been a year since I started my blog. Stressy Mama is one! I have loved the blogging journey I have been on over the last year and I am so glad I ventured into it. Though I am still a technophobe and don’t really have a clue what I am doing, blogging has encouraged me to make a huge life/career shift. I didn’t ever intend for my blog to be anything other than a hobby but this has changed. I don’t want to go back to teaching any more, at least not yet anyway. Blogging/Freelance Writing offers me the opportunity to work for myself, to work my own hours and to spend more time with Molly. Which leads me to the next thing I am grateful for this month…


Once a student…

As well as being a Stressy Mama, I am now a Stressy Student. That’s right, I have gone back to university. I am doing a Masters Degree in Multimedia Journalism. Spurred on by my love of blogging, and I guess in some ways by losing the baby, I decided to make some major changes. I was worried about returning to education at first because I haven’t studied for a few years. I was also slightly worried because I am a tutor by trade and have no prior journalism experience. Another worry was the fact that I’d be a good few years older than the rest of the class. I decided to not let any of these things worry me, grab the bull by the horns and get on with it. And you know what; I love it so far.


Play Centre – hell or heaven?

As any parent of small children will know, the play centre is a place we want to take the kids to, but also a place we want to avoid at all costs. We want to go because the kids will have fun and honestly, because they get to run off some of their energy. Early night anyone! We try to avoid play centres because, well, they are full of screaming kids with germs and snotty noses. They are loud and always way too crowded for my liking. There’s also the possibility that you’ll have to actually go into the play area too if your children are young. I hate doing that but Chris loves it. He’ll deny that but he can’t wait to get in there.


There are a couple of reasons why I am grateful for the play centre this month. The first is that I like taking Molly (during school hours when it isn’t as crowded) because she likes it and has fun. The second, and main reason, is because she is now at an age where I can leave her to it. She can easily climb up and over the equipment on her own; she doesn’t need me to go in with her. This means I can sit and watch her while drinking a hot cup of tea. Ahhhh, five minutes peace.


Blog On Xmas

I attended my first ever blogging conference this month and it was fantastic. I was so nervous about going to the conference beforehand but the nerves faded within minutes of being there. Everyone was lovely and I learned so much. I hope to attend the next BlogOn in May.

Jessica’s Birthday

My beautiful niece, Jessica, turned four this month. She was so excited about her birthday and had been asking for weeks beforehand if it was her birthday yet. Jessica celebrated the occasion by having a little tea party and going to Blackpool. She had a brilliant time. Molly keeps asking if she can have another birthday now.



So that’s it for my Gratitude Post #9 – Thank you September round-up. September was a really good month. Bring on October!



Thanks for reading,


Sam x


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  • Tammymum

    Oh wow how amazing that you’ve returned to education, good on you I think that’s fab. I wish you all the best with your masters. I am glad the memorial service helped, though as you say you won’t ever ‘get over it’, I hope it helped you find some peace. Thanks for sharing at #familyfun