Gratitude Post #8 - Thank you August
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Gratitude Post #8 – Thank you August

How is it September already? This time next year Molly will be starting school. I am not ready for that. Although, if her ‘threenager’ attitude continues the way it has been of late I will probably welcome the start of school. Anyway, Gratitude Post #8 – Thank you August is the 8th edition of my gratitude series where I aim to find things to be grateful for in the small everyday things.


Here are the things I am grateful for from August:


What is that parent doing on the slide?

I really shouldn’t laugh about this but I can’t help it. Molly wanted to go on a slide at the playground but she was too little to climb up the rope to the top. I couldn’t lift her high enough to put her at the top, and neither could Chris. We had two options. The first was to tell Molly she couldn’t go on the slide, which really isn’t worth the tantrum! The second was for Chris to climb up the ropes to the top of the slide with Molly. Always an eager beaver when it comes to things like this, Chris happily agreed to carry Molly up to the top of the slide, most likely because he wanted a turn himself. Molly happily slid down the slide, I took a picture of her, and we both waited for Chris to come down. Only, he didn’t come down. Where was he? Well, it turns out he was stuck! He was too big to get back down through the ropes and too big to climb through to the slide. He eventually managed to get through the ropes and slid down the slide. It was hilarious. I don’t think he will be as eager to get on the equipment next time!



Date night times two

Chris and I were lucky enough to have two date nights this month and both involved a night at the Village Hotel. The first night away was just the two of us and it was bliss. We were given a complimentary upgrade at check in, spent the afternoon in the pool, and enjoyed a lovely meal and show in the evening. We even had a late check out which meant we could go for a morning swim before checking out. The next night away was planned months and months ago with my sister, brother in law and a couple of friends. Again we spent the afternoon in the pool, had an evening meal and attended a 90s night the hotel had organised. It was fantastic. I don’t think the six of us have had as much fun as we did in a long time. We all definitely needed it.  We were all a little delicate the morning after! I cannot wait to do it again.


My water baby is back!

A few months ago Molly suddenly developed a fear of water and we had to postpone her swimming lessons because of it. I had been taking her swimming as often as I could to try to help her get over the fear but was having no luck. My cousin, a former swimming teacher, suggested getting Molly to blow bubbles in the water when we took her swimming. I knew she wouldn’t put her face anywhere near the water at swimming so I got her to try it in the bath instead. I don’t know if it was that or if she just got over it but this time when I took her swimming, just the two of us, something was different. She wasn’t clinging to me, she wanted to jump in, she wasn’t bothered if her head went under the water… she was loving it! My water baby was most definitely back. I immediately booked her back in for lessons before she remembered she didn’t like water.


Getting crafty

I have always loved anything crafty and it seems like Molly has developed this love too. Getting the paints out and making things is one of Molly’s favourite pastimes; I love that it’s something we can do together.




So that was my Gratitude Post #8 – Thank you August round-up. August was a great month for us; I hope you had a good month too?


Sam x


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  • Noleen Miller

    A great gratitude list you have here. Oh the things we parents do for our kids, and having dads around to do these things is definitely something to be grateful for. Date nights are great, it gives you a chance to reconnect with your spouse,to have descent adult conversations without thinking about the kid. Swimming is a vital skill and I believe every child should learn how to swim, so good on you for initiating it again so that she can get over her fears.#twinklytuesday

  • Ali Duke

    What is it with men and playgrounds lol? They can’t seem to help themselves. It is great that Molly is back swimming again, I bet she loves it.

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    That slide story had me laughing out loud, it sounds like something I would do 😂. And yay to the date nights! We love going away for a sneaky hotel stay every now and then x
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky

  • Wendy

    Love a gratitude list. I’m glad Molly is enjoying swimming again now, my 4 eat old went through a phase of being terrified of the water but he loves it now. Have a lovely September xx #fortheloveofblog

  • Kelly Edwards

    Haha! It’s my worst nightmare to get stuck in some play equipment! Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofblog x

  • Jaki

    Ah, this is lovely. How nice you got two date nights! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again tomorrow! X