Gratitude Post #7 - Thank you July
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Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July

I seriously cannot believe we are already in August. Where is this year going? It will be Christmas before we know it. Anyway, Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July is the latest post in my monthly gratitude series where I aim to find the positives in everyday life. July was a great month for us. Here is what we feel grateful for:


Molly’s Third Birthday

It was Molly’s third birthday this month. She is old enough now to know what birthdays are so she was super excited for the occasion. It was Chris’ birthday in April and ever since then, Molly has been asking if it was her birthday yet and if she could have a chocolate cake for her birthday present. Of all the things she could ask for it was a chocolate cake. Obviously, we obliged. Chocolate cake is good!

Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July


Gulliver’s World

As it was Molly’s birthday we took the kids to Gulliver’s World. We all had a brilliant day, in spite of the torrential rain! We are looking forward to returning when the weather is nicer.




Out Out

We went out out this month to see boy band ‘Five’ who were performing at a local nightclub. I used to love them when I was younger so it brought us right back to our youth.



Molly and Jess decided we were in need of a makeover and did our make up for us. I didn’t want to tell them that they had smudged the lipstick slightly and put the mascara in the wrong place! They really enjoyed themselves. My eyes didn’t though as they were being poked all the time. Not with mascara though because that goes on your cheeks. Obviously!

Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July



Muddy Puddles

My garden has some drainage problems which I really need to get sorted because when it rains my grass starts to resemble a lake. Not good! Well, unless you are a toddler that loves jumping in muddy puddles that is! Molly is definitely this. She must have spent at least an hour jumping in this puddle, only stopping because she was freezing.

Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July


Is that Chris or Gru?

The biggest highlight of my month was discovering that Chris looks like Gru from Despicable Me. What do you think? I laughed and laughed at this. I am still laughing. If I didn’t know any better I would think the character had been modelled on Chris.

Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July


So that is the Gratitude Post #7 – Thank you July round up. What little things are you grateful for this month?


Thanks for reading,


Sam x


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  • Tamara Tanner

    Wow! What a supurb post! I never thought to look back and see what amazing stuff we have done throughout the month but really we all should! P.s Chris really does look like Gru haha!

  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    July seems like it was a very good month for you and I am super jealous you got to see Five!! I loved them back in the day!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  • Kim Carberry

    It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful July!
    hehehe! Chocolate cake is all I want in life too.
    That Gru photo is hilarious. #TwinklyTuesday

  • Mama Grace

    He does a bit but he hasn’t got a head that flat. Bless though. Great things and a great way to look at life. #TwinklyTuesday

  • Ali Duke

    I want chocolate cake for my birthday too lol. You have had a great month, I am glad you had fun despite the rain x

  • five little doves

    Ahh what a lovely month you have had, and I love the idea of a gratitude list. Chocolate cake would make me grateful too, all I ever want in life is happiness, health and chocolate cake…!

  • fancy

    I remember Five! That cake looks amazing btw. Looks like a good July (if a bit rainy!). #bigpinklink

  • Emma Raphael

    What a fun month… It’s been a wet one though hasn’t it? It’s almost like the kids finished school and the heavens opened!! That cake has me hungry now!! 😀

  • Nadine

    Shame about the rain for your family day out but atleast it’s given you an excuse to go back. Win:win! Love the little make-over. I can’t believe I didn’t know mascara was for cheeks though. I’ve been doing it all wrong! Haha.

  • Rosie Corriette

    I love reading gratitude posts – they’re such a lovely way of looking back on the month. Happy Birthday little one! My daughter also had her birthday in July x

  • Mudpie Fridays

    Love round up posts its something I keep meaning to do. I am not sure I would trust mine with my makeup although tempted by the fact that it sounds like a great source of amusement. Gulivers World is on our list. Will have to pop over for a read.

  • Emma

    We love jumping in muddy puddles! It’s so much fun! I love that you let your little one do your makeup, I don’t think I would let mine in my makeup box! Not that they don’t try!