Gratitude Post #4 – Thank You April

Gratitude Post #4 – Thank You April is the fourth instalment of my gratitude series. It is slightly late as we had some devastating news which really knocked me off my feet. I have taken a bit of a break from blogging but I thought it was time to try and become focussed again and move on. I will write about what I am referring to sometime soon, but at the minute, I cannot find the right words.. Although the month of April will go down as one of the worst time of our lives, we still had fun and have a lot to be grateful for. I would like to say, Thank you April for:   Family Visiting My Dad and his wife visited for a few days at the end of March / beginning of April with her mum and two children. This was the first time we had met her family so it was lovely to finally have the pleasure.   Day Out This month we went to the National Football Museum in Manchester which was fantastic. Chris would love to go back again. As would I actually! Even Molly enjoyed herself as there were a lot of interactive activities for her to have a go at.   Messy Play Anyone who knows me will know I love messy play sessions with the kids. This month might have seen our messiest play session yet. We made bubble pictures by mixing food colouring with water and letting the girls blow bubbles with a straw until they came over the top of the cup and onto the paper. I am not sure what I thought the outcome would be, but we decided to mix food colouring with flour. Molly hated this but Jess really got stuck in and made a good old mess. We also attempted to make patterned Easter Eggs with shaving foam and food colouring. This didn’t work out at all. I’m not sure where we went wrong because it seemed so simple on Pinterest..   Easter As Easter was this month, the local council put some Easter themed activities on in the town centre. There were crafting sessions were you could make an Easter Bonnet. I think Molly’s Easter Bonnet was a little bit better than Chris’ attempt! There was a little petting zoo which Molly loved. And even the Twirlywoos came to visit. This didn’t go down too well with Molly! There was also an Easter egg hunt, and guess what. We won! Thank you Oldham Council for the two tickets to the cinema. I think Chris and I will use these for a date night sometime soon. Sorry Molly!   Nice Weather April saw us experience some nice weather. Was this our summer? We thought we had better make the most of it as the nice weather is usually short lived. Chris, Molly and I went to the park with my sister, brother in law and niece. It was a lovely day out. We had intended to take a picnic but in the end we just went to a sandwich shop near the park which was so much easier. And it was delicious. We had a lovely walk up the canal, played on the park and took the kids on a canal boat for the first time. They loved it. As did Chris; this was his first time on a barge boat too!   Chris’ Birthday April is the month of Chris’ birthday. The weekend before his birthday a group of us went out for a meal at a local Indian restaurant we had wanted to try for a while. It was a good choice of restaurant as the food was lovely. We will definitely go again. Chris and I also went for something to eat and to the cinema on his actual birthday. We finally got to watch Beauty and the Beast. I know it was Chris’ birthday and he wanted to watch Fast and Furious but I refused. Haha! Mean, I know, but I have only seen the first and third films in the series so didn’t much fancy sitting through that. Not when we could be watching Beauty and the Beast anyway. It was blummin brilliant. I wanted to stand and applaud at the end of every song! Is that a bit over the top? I really hope they make it into a stage show because I will definitely be there. And then I will get to stand and applaud each song!   So thank you April, we’ve made some really good memories and I am really grateful for each and every experience.   Thank you for reading.   Sam x *UPDATE* You can also find me blogging at Serenely Sam