Gratitude Post #12 - Thank you December

Gratitude Post #12 – Thank you December

December has been a brilliant month for us, with lots to be appreciative of. For the whole of 2017 I have been running a monthly gratitude series on the blog. This will most probably be the last installment of it.  So for the last time, I would like to show my appreciation for the things we got to experience this month:


Birthday Party

Molly was invited to a party by a friend from nursery at the beginning of the month. She was so excited about it. She proudly held the present all the way to the party, repeatedly telling us about how she was going to her best friends birthday party. It was very sweet. I was glad to see Molly interacting with other children and having fun because she is usually quite shy and doesn’t like mixing with big groups.

Best friends

There is only a 10 month age difference between Molly and my niece Jess; not only are they cousins, but best friends too. That 10 months age gap does show between the two (I am dreading Molly starting school this year because of it) but even so, they are still very close. Don’t get me wrong, they argue and quite literally fight ALL THE TIME, but there are also the sweet moments which more than make up for it. I love it when they show their affections for each other by cuddling and walking hand in hand. Makes my heart melt it does!

Fireman Sam

Molly is obsessed with Fireman Sam at the minute and as much as it annoys the hell out of me, it keeps her quiet for ten minutes makes her happy. Molly met the man himself in the local shopping centre and her face was a picture. She was so happy to meet her ‘idol’ and I was happy she was happy.

Snow Day

Most of the country had snow at one point or another this month so we decided to get the sledges out and make the most of it. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for a hot chocolate when you get home. Jess and Molly loved it, as did us big kids. Little things like this are the moments that will provide us and the kids with some of their best memories.  I still have loads of fond memories of being a kid when it snowed and I want Molly to have the same.


It’s Christmas! Or, at least it was! I had an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year so December and Christmas should have been very different for us. I was dreading December because of the ‘would have been due date’ but I knew I couldn’t dwell on it for Molly’s sake. She was so excited in the run up to Christmas and, while I was sad our angel baby wouldn’t be with us, I was still excited because of Molly. I am so grateful that I got to spend Christmas with my nearest and dearest, and they really made the day perfect for me.

Feeling the Blog Love

The final thing I am grateful for this month, well this year, is for all the fantastic bloggers and readers of my little blog. I have had a tough year but blogging has been quite therapeutic for me so I am most definitely appreciative and grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me over the past year.


So that was my ‘Gratitude Post #12 – Thank you December’ roundup. I hope you had a good December too.


Happy New Year,


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  • fridgesays

    #thesatesh im a sucker for a gratitude post, and i love a snow day! Didn’t get one on the south coast so totes jel. I love the idea of rebranding, i think its natural that as you grow in new directions so do the issues you write about. Thanks for finding the time to join us lovely.x Hope to see you next week.