Gratitude Post #11 – Thank you November

Gratitude Post #11 – Thank you November

Gratitude Post #11 – Thank you November is the 11th instalment of my gratitude series. November has been a month of mixed emotions for me. We have done a lot and it has been quite a fun month, but at the same time, I am struggling quite a bit at the minute. Regular readers will know I lost a baby earlier in the year and I am really struggling to cope with the loss as the (probable) due date approaches. But, that’s a story for a different day. As I said, November has been quite enjoyable so I would like to say thank you, and show my gratitude this month for:


Bonfire Night

To celebrate Bonfire Night we went to a big display organised by the local council. The fireworks were fab and there was a funfair there too so we all had a lovely evening. We didn’t get any fireworks at home, I don’t like the idea to be honest, but we did get some sparklers. It was Molly’s first time holding a sparkler and she was amazed by them. I was on tenterhooks watching her every move to make sure she didn’t burn herself. She had fun, me not so much…

Santa came to town

Santa came to town, really early this year. There was a big parade through the town centre and Molly was really excited to see Santa going passed. She found the reindeer a little bit scary though. She likes the thought of them, but not in person, so it would seem.

Gratitude Post #11 - Thank you November

Molly’s uncle took her to see Santa this month as well. This is the first year Molly is really aware of what Christmas is and who Santa is. Since visiting Santa, she hasn’t stopped telling me that she saw him, sat on his knee and that he gave her a present. I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning.

Dad visited

A few relatives of mine had a joint birthday party this month so my dad and his wife came over from the Isle of Man to join in with the celebrations. It was lovely to see them both and Jess and Molly were really looking forward to seeing their Nanna and Grandad. The girls were spoilt rotten too.


We took the girls to see the Teletubbies at the Palace Theatre in Manchester this month and they loved it. It’s the first live show experience for both Jess and Molly so we didn’t know how they would react/behave, but they were hooked. Jess being a little older than Molly joined in more, and cried when it was over. Bless her little cotton socks. Molly loved it just as much but she was a little bit tired. I think we would be better off with an earlier showing next time. We all had a ball and I can’t wait to take them to more shows in the future. I can see the future, and it involves lots of musical theatre…

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig came to sunny Oldham this month. We had told Molly in advance that Peppa would be visiting and that if she wanted to, we could go and see her. Molly was walking around the shopping centre shouting, “Peppa Pig, where are you?” It was very sweet, to me. Probably annoying to bypassers but what the hey. Almost on cue, there was a tannoy announcement informing of where Peppa would be and at what time which was really handy. We casually strolled over to where Peppa was to be, only to be met with a massive queue.

Molly was very tired after already having been to her swimming lesson that morning so I didn’t think she’d behave in a long queue. She did though, to my surprise, and she behaved impeccably when meeting Peppa. She couldn’t wait to show Peppa Pig her Peppa Pig teddy! It was lovely to see how excited Molly was, and all of the wonder in her eyes when meeting Peppa. Is there anything better than seeing your children happy? I honestly don’t think there is.



So that was my Gratitude Post #11 – Thank you November roundup. It really feels like we have done a lot this month and are lucky to have had the opportunity to do so. I am looking forward to all of next months festivities. Bring on December.


Thanks for reading,


Sam x


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