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Exploring Moral Values with Your Child

One of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent is teaching your child moral values.

Morals teach children the difference between right and wrong and how to treat other people. Exploring moral values will also allow your child to develop essential social skills for their future.

To help you explore moral values with your child, here is some great advice from an independent school in Oxfordshire

Good manners

Children learn from their parents, so it is important to be polite to others and role model good manners. Be aware of how you talk to people and always encourage kindness for your child to copy.

Listening to others

Explain to your child the importance of listening to others when they are speaking. This is particularly important at school. Stress the importance of respecting the teacher by listening when they are speaking and following their instructions.

Being kind

One of the most important moral values to teach your child is kindness. Teach them to treat others as they wish to be treated and help those in need. You should also encourage your child to value other people’s ideas and opinions.

Learning from mistakes

Try to give your child the independence they need to work things out alone. Disputes with friends are common at school and learning how to resolve these issues is an important life-skill. You should encourage your child to apologise and accept responsibility if something is their fault, and to look at mistakes as learning opportunities.

Valuing Education

Finally, encourage your child to value their education and learning success. They should also do their best to be on time for school, work to the best of their ability, complete all homework and respect their teachers. It can be useful to read the school values together with your child so that they can foster these positive traits and goals.

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