Excel in Education: How Can We Put Our Children on the Best Path?
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Excel in Education: How Can We Put Our Children on the Best Path?

As a parent, it’s your job to raise children that will eventually go on to become productive members of society. We want them to do well- get good careers that they’re happy in, and earn well so they don’t have to struggle with money. And education early on is the first step, here are some of the ways we can ensure they’re getting the best.

Find the best school

We’re lucky to live in a part of the world where the education system is excellent. Children leave school knowing how to read and write, how to do maths, they learn about science, different religions and so much more. However, there’s no doubt that some schools are better than others- they achieve better exam results each year and it’s these results that can shape your child’s life. It can affect which universities and courses they’re able to apply for, which in turn will impact the kinds of jobs they’re able to get.

With hard work and the right support, children can do well in any school- but sending them to one that you know performs well will give you peace of mind that they’re likely to reach their full potential. Take www.leicesterhigh.co.uk/ for example, according to their site almost 40% of the Year 11 cohort achieved all A*s and As. Do your research, get your child into the best school that you can. Some parents even move house to ensure they’re in the catchment area for the school that they want.


Get them excited about school

As well as sending your child to the best school you can, it’s important that they have the motivation to attend and do well. We can help with this by getting our kids excited about school. Tell them how proud you are when they do well, reward their hard work and offer incentives for doing their best. This can really give kids the boost they need to put their all into their studies. Be open with your child and encourage communication, if there’s anything they’re struggling with they’re more likely to tell you and you can get them the help they need. It could be a matter of speaking to their teacher or getting a private tutor.


Get a tutor

Speaking of private tutors, this can be a fantastic way to improve your child’s performance at school. If there’s anything they’re struggling with, a tutor may be able to explain or teach it in a different way. And the one-on-one teaching can be really helpful as it’s clear to see where they’re struggling. It only needs to be for an hour or so a week so doesn’t need to be too expensive. There are plenty to choose from, you could go with someone local or choose from anywhere if the tutor offers Skype or video chats for their service.


How do you ensure that your child is off to the best start when it comes to their education?


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