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Essentials to Buy When You’ve Got a Baby on the Way

Planning a baby is a whole lot of work and you’re likely to find yourself buying all sorts of things you’d never even considered buying before. There’s a never ending checklist of bits and pieces to buy to ensure that your little one is comfortable and well cared for. So, sometimes, it can feel a little difficult to know where to start. The key is diving right in and picking up one piece or item at a time. Eventually, everything will mount up and you’ll have all the things you need and more to raise your little one as best you can. Here are a few essentials to get you started off in the right direction!

Moses Baskets and Cots

First, it’s important to remember that your baby is going to need somewhere comfortable, safe and warm to sleep. Most parents don’t want to leave their newborn in a different room to them. This is why the majority of people will invest in a Moses basket. This serves as a cosy bed for their little one that can easily fit into your bedroom space and can be moved around the house during the daytime if you so please. A Moses basket is lightweight, portable and small, so your little doesn’t have too much room to roll around in. There are countless Moses baskets on the market, so browse a few different options within your price range and make sure to read reviews from other parents to see whether your chosen basket is really worth investing in. Where possible, choose something with a wide base. This will make the basket sturdier and less likely to topple over.

A Baby Grooming Kit

Babies, of course, are a lot smaller than us, and are likely to need their own special grooming kit when it comes to cleaning them, cutting their nails, combing their hair and more. Products designed for adults are likely to be too rough on their sensitive skin. When you think about it, a baby grooming kit or baby care set is an essential.

Swaddling Cloths

Chances are, if you’re expecting a baby, you’ve heard of swaddling cloths. These are soft, muslin cloths that can be used to swaddle your baby, encouraging them to settle down and drift off to sleep. Many parents report that swaddling results in less crying and distress and a better night’s sleep for their little one. If you’re unfamiliar with swaddling, it’s an ancient practice which involves snugly wrapping your baby in a thin blanket, limiting the amount that they can roll around and helping your baby feel safe and secure. Swaddling cloths are cheap, so you can stock up on them.


You can never have too many bibs. You’re bound to get through numerous bibs every single day, as your baby is likely to be sick on them, spill food on them and more. Stock up on plenty of designs and styles!

These are just a few things you’re likely to find yourself investing in when you have a little one on the way. Hopefully, they’ll get the ball rolling when it comes to your to-buy list!

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