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Encouraging and Inspiring Your Child’s Imagination

Just like in adults, a child’s imagination is an escape from the monotony of the everyday. It takes them away from their routine of school and nap times and introduces them to a world elsewhere. 

All parents want their children to have an imagination and be creative. But it’s not as simple as giving them a toy or activity and letting them do their thing. While children are imaginative by nature, pure imagination and creativity come from indulgence and encouragement. This means that as imaginative as your child might be, there’s still room for them to flex their creative muscles, and they cannot do that without you. 

The Spark of Boredom

The modern world is full of ways to stave off boredom for as long as you can. You watch TV, you read, you go for a walk, but sometimes being bored is okay, especially for children. 

Allowing them to be bored is often better than sticking an iPad in front of them or switching on the TV. It encourages them to discover new ways to enjoy themselves at home and explore new avenues to have fun.

They might huff and puff at first, but left to their own devices, they will soon start looking at everyday objects as something they can use. By letting them work out how to overcome problems, they are dealing with doing nothing, and this can inspire games and play they would never do normally. 

Their Own Little World

Having a dedicated space in the home gives children a place to indulge in their creativity and create their own little world to experience. 

It could be an area to play happy families with their new Dolls House Accessories or a station where they can create pictures, stories, or songs. Whatever it is, they will associate this place with creativity and imagination. 

Their brains will connect this space with using their heads to try out new ideas and explore the possibilities of what they can do. They can access it whenever they like (unless it’s 1 AM and you’re trying to sleep) and lets them go wild with their imagination.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you do something, the more proficient you become, and that’s the same with your kid working on their imagination. 

There are plenty of ways to allow them to indulge in their imagination, so just because they don’t take to one avenue doesn’t mean there aren’t others to explore. Encouraging them to try out as many possible routes as possible will only be beneficial for them in the long run.

Whether it’s reading, drawing, writing, playing, or just creating anything at all, your child will build their imagination like you would build muscle by working out at the gym. If something doesn’t stick, allow them to move onto the next thing and try again. While this could create a jack of all trade scenario, once they find something they really love, they’ll know, and so will you. Hopefully, they’ll pursue it to the end. 

Imagination Running Wild

Embracing the imaginative nature of your children will only lead to great things for both of you. There’s the chance for them to find an escape from the boring hum-drum of life and also gives you the opportunity to feel like a kid again when they excitedly show you what they’ve created. 

*Collaborative post