Easter Bonnet Crafting

If you’ve read my blog before you will know that Molly and I love crafting and messy play activities. She is only two but she is already so crafty – in more ways than one! With Easter just around the corner we decided to have a go at some Easter Bonnet Crafting. We went shopping for our supplies; Molly picked out her own bonnet, some little chicks, rabbits and some carrots too. The vision in my head was that of a bucket sat on grass surrounded by rabbits with eggs and chicks inside the bucket.   To make the bonnet we used: Hat Lollipop Sticks Polystyrene Eggs Green Shredded Paper Yellow Shredded Paper Chicks Rabbits Carrots Poster Paint PVA Glue Double Sided Tape   How we made the bonnet: To start, I painted the lollipop sticks brown (for the bucket) and Molly painted the polystyrene eggs. To make it easier for Molly to paint the eggs I put them onto skewers and stuck them into a pile of old Playdoh. It seemed to help her, and it was great for letting the paint dry.   When the sticks were dry I taped them together with the double sided tape and stuck them around the hat. We used PVA glue to stick the green shredded paper (grass) around the rim of the hat. We stuck the yellow shredded paper (hay) on top of the hat / inside of the sticks.   Then I tied a ribbon around the sticks and used PVA glue to stick the eggs, chicks, rabbits and carrots to the hat.   The plan was to let it all dry and then attempt to make some sort of a handle on the bucket but I decided not to bother with that in the end. I’m actually quite impressed with how it turned out. Whether Molly will be able to balance it on her head in the Easter Bonnet parade at nursery remains to be seen though..! What do you think about Easter Bonnets? Will you be making one for your little ones? I’d love to see them. I’m tempted to make another haha.   Sam x *UPDATE* You can also find me blogging at Serenely Sam