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Designing Your Nursery Room

Planning what your nursery will look like for your baby is not only exciting but it will have you looking forward to the day your baby is due. As well as getting the essential items, there are so many things you can choose for a nursery, from changing the paint to new furniture, changing the flooring, or hanging things on the wall. When it comes to changing bigger things like the flooring or paintwork, try and choose designs that will last a few years and will still be relevant as your baby grows up. Below are five different things to consider when designing your nursery room.


Will you be finding out the sex of your baby before their birth? If yes, then when it comes to painting the room you can design the colours around the sex of your baby. If you are deciding to wait, then opt for neutral colours as you can’t go wrong with this. Try to paint the room as far in advance of the birth so that the smell of paint isn’t ligering when you bring your beautiful baby back home. When it comes to painting, try and choose soothing and calming colours as these make the room more relaxing, perfect for your baby. The more neutral the colour is, the more likely you won’t have to decorate again in the future. 


Before bringing your baby to your property you will want to have the furniture bought and arrived at your home. When it comes to choosing a nursery furniture set, there are many things to consider – how big the room is, how will it match your decor, is it made of good quality? If you aren’t sure about what to get, you can always look on Pinterest for inspiration. There are many creators who regularly post different interior inspirations. If you are still unsure, ask someone who has already designed their own nursery, like your parents or maybe your friends.


First off you will want to consider what type of flooring you would like in your nursery? Laminate flooring tends to last longer and is less likely to get stains on it, whereas carpet comes in many different designs and colours meaning it can be more flexible when trying to match it up to other items within your room. When it comes to your budget, both options tend to be a similar cost, if you are looking to spend more real hardwood or stone is a more expensive choice. If you like your current flooring but want to make a subtle change, you could always opt for a rug. Rugs can be changed whenever you feel like changing them and don’t require you to spend a lot of money on them. Plus a rug can make your room look bigger as well as add another dimension with colouring. 

Hang Picture Or Art On The Wall 

If you look at the room and think it has a lot of white space on the walls, then hanging pictures or artwork is a great option. Artwork breaks up the room and you can get some really cute baby designs. If you like taking your own photos you could opt to bring out your own designs and hang them. You could always get a print of you and your baby and hang it in the room after he or she is born. It goes without saying, make sure your prints are out of reach. 


Making your nursery well lit is important to not only its aesthetics but also for your baby. If you have the budget you could opt to install some smart lights that can be controlled by an app on your phone. This way you can make it brighter or dimmer depending on how much light is coming into the room from the outside. Smart lights tend to last longer than your normal bulbs and they allow you to change the colour of them, meaning you can make your nursery more relaxing with a light blue or pink colour and save money in the long run. 

Above are five different options that will help turn your nursery into one you have always dreamed of. If you haven’t got the budget try and change a few of the things that will make a big difference without spending a lot, like hanging things on the wall, or adding a rug. Have you tried any of the above? What changes have you made to your nursery setup? Let me know in the comment box below, I would love to hear from you.

*Collaborative post