Crossroads in my Blogging Journey

Crossroads in my Blogging Journey

So, I’ve found myself at a bit of a crossroads in my blogging journey.

2017 was a really rough year for me and it led me to question everything in my life. This included my love of blogging!

I was at a really low point and doubting everything in my life. Then, I discovered that my blog name, Stressy Mama, was really similar to that of another blogger. Why I hadn’t discovered this before going self-hosted I don’t know. I was so annoyed with myself for not researching the name thoroughly enough in the beginning.

At this point, I thought about giving up blogging completely. After a bit of back and forth with myself, I decided to continue. Last year was in the past and it was time to move on.

This is when I found myself at the crossroads. I knew I loved blogging enough to want to continue, but would I continue as Stressy Mama, or would I rebrand?

I decided to consult some fellow bloggers and ask their opinions on whether they thought the name similarities would pose an issue. The resounding result was that they thought it to be quite confusing. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but was what I already knew.


Stick with Stressy Mama?

The prospect of rebranding was really overwhelming and it made me quite sad. My little blog is far from perfect but I’d put over a year’s worth of love into it and really didn’t want to say goodbye to that.

My domain authority score and traffic were increasing, albeit slowly, but still increasing. Also, I had worked with some fab brands over the year so felt really mean jumping ship on the blog.



As I gave it more thought, I started to see a rebrand as a positive opportunity.

As I mentioned, 2017 was a really rough year for me and I wanted to put the past behind me and move on. It seemed only fitting that my blog should change when I was in the process of changing everything about me and my life.

I started the Stressy Mama blog out of love, as an online diary for Molly, but it turns out, I had grown out of love with it.

I didn’t want to be Stressy anymore; in blog and life. I was ready to move on. Plus, It would be quite simple to change my social media names which was one less worry.


Decision Made?

So there I was at the crossroads, having chosen which path I would follow. I was confident with my decision, but what would I do with the Stressy Mama blog?

Would I transfer/redirect everything to the new site, or would I leave all the content where it was and start from scratch?

The prospect of just scrapping my content from this site was really scary. I love what I have written about over the past year (even if loads of it is too cringy for me to read).  But, I am really leaning towards wiping the slate clean and starting over.

The negativity of 2017 is reflected on this website and it kind of feels like a burden I’d be dragging along with me. Surely, on that basis alone, I have to leave it where it is; in the past.

I will rebrand completely!


And Stressy Mama?

Well, I can’t just abandon it now can I? haha. So I guess I will have two blogs!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions (especially as I have a habit of jumping in feet first without a second thought!)

Sam x


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  • Ali Duke

    It is great that you are moving forward, but I can also see how hard that decision must have been for you. Good luck with the rebrand x

  • Baby Isabella

    It sounds like exciting times ahead as opposed to being negative. Great that you are moving forward with the new blog and rebrand and we can’t wait to see what you come up with x Now you have loads of time to research and find your new direction x

  • Karen | TwoTinyHands

    Ooo Sam, what a lot to ponder. I totally hated the two tiny hands name for ages when i first started but its grown on me now and I’ve worked out a way to rebrand internally with TwoTinyMakes, getting to make a slow move to craft blogger but can still keep all the family memories that I’ve come to love sharing with TWOTINYHANDS. (Weird caps moment typo) I do t think I could scratch it and start again. I understand why you want to, you’ll definitely be able to go POW with your new site though because you’ve learnt from this blog arena what works for you and made a lot of bloggy friends along the way who will support the change, as will I! Do what makes you happy I say. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, totally give me a poke as I’m in my own little baby world and oblivious at the moment! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    • stressymama

      Thanks Karen. It is a lot to ponder but I think I’m making them right decision. I hope I am anyway. I will still keep the parenting side of things going for a while I think before hopefully going in a different direction. I love all the things you’ve been making over on Two Tiny Makes. In my head I’d love to be a craft blogger, but in reality, I’m a useless crafter haha. X

  • Helen at Welsh Mum Writing

    I get what you mean about feeling you’ve outgrown the brand, but like you I’m also a jump in with both feet kind of girl. I’ve only been blogging with my current blog for four months and already I’m thinking that it might not have been the best choice. I thought I’d end up writing more about a particular type of thing/ niche, and it’s taken a broader direction in some ways. It’s early days though. Being practical, you may be starting from scratch again from a DA, backlinks point of view etc. Then again, if you think you will want to change it again at some point you’ll put off the inevitable. It’s a tough one. I’m sure you’ll do what’s right for you but I’m sure the results will be fab either way!

    • stressymama

      I worry that I will rebrand, love it for two minutes, and then want to rebrand again. I am so indecisive and forever changing my mind. But, I suppose I have outgrown Stressy Mama so a change is definitely needed. I can always build up DA again so I’m not too worried about that reaaly. Thank you. X

  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Rebranding is a big decision and it certainly sounds like you have given it a lot of thought. I rebranded my blog about six months in to blogging – my old name was difficult to spell and remember (I’d started the blog more for me so hadn’t thought about that at first) and I just moved the old posts to my new blog when I rebranded it. I think your reasons for starting afresh are good ones though. You can always rewrite and update old posts from this blog if you feel they are right for your new one or move them across at a later date. Good luck with the rebranding and starting your new blog. #familyfunlinky

    • stressymama

      Thank you. It is a big decision, but best for me right now. I think! Maybe I could move some posts over to the new site, or maybe rewrite them slightly.. There’s a lot to think about. X

  • Jenny- Rabbit Ideas

    Wow, it is so difficult, I had a wobble recently but decided to stick with this blog and then pivot and slightly broaden the topic I write about to cover some new (but related) subjects, too. It is so tricky to know what is for the best! I wish you well with the new blog- excited to read your content there. #thesatsesh

    • stressymama

      Thank you! It is so tricky to know what to do for the best. I am a typical Pisces too and can never make a decision, which really doesn’t help things! haha. x

    • stressymama

      Thank you! I can imagine that writing new rhyming posts all the time could be quite tough. Lots of fun though! x

  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    This really is a toughy!! Perhaps move the posts over to the new domain but put it under a category so it doesnt clog up the new content and over time if you decide to get rid of it then it’s easier to delete it if you need it!
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  • fridgesays

    #thesatsesh hmmm i think you need to do what feels right. I am an under thinker, I tend to go with my instinct. Are you going to transfer the content over? in which case re-branding seems odd… and don’t you want to keep this content for your kids? Lead with your soul babes, either way I think it will work out and look forward to you joining us either way with The Saturday Session.

  • Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness

    Ooooh good on you. I can see that you have really thought about this and am very pleased that you decided to stick with blogging in general (we would miss you Sam). Initially I was thinking ‘nooooo’ I love the stress mama brand’ but actually you never really have struck me as a ‘stressy mama’ and so a new name would be good. I also do understand about leaving 2017 behind so a fresh start may be good (but daunting!). I changed the blog’s name quite early doors but did redirect as it seemed to fit – it was a bit stressful but WordPress did really help me with it. Good luck! #thesatsesh xx