Crafty Christmas – Handmade Gift Ideas

I love Christmas, crafting, anything homemade, and blogging so inevitably, I have written a blog post about homemade Crafty Christmas ideas.

I love so many different crafts but I am most definitely a master of none of them. I still love having a go though, especially crafts I can attempt with my daughter, Molly.

These are some of the festive-themed crafts I have attempted this year:

Tin can crafts

There are so many crafty things you can do with an old tin can. The ones I used were left over from my daughter’s milk formula.

For the NOEL cans, I drew the letters on the cans and Chris drilled holes into them.  I’m sure I could’ve handled the drill myself but I thought I’d let him feel important!

We got some faux candles and popped them inside. Very cozy. You could also put ribbon through the holes..

The little Christmas Tree tin can is just spray painted gold. I had planned to do more with it but didn’t have the time, but it turns out I kind of like it the way it is.  I adore the little snowmen cans, especially the plant pot one. Molly has claimed the other one as one of her toys…

Handprint Christmas Cards

I have previously written a post about this which you can find here.

Molly and I made these cards and they have saved me so much money this year. I really do spend a small fortune on Christmas Cards every year so this was so much cheaper and way more personal and sentimental.

Christmas charm bracelet

Jewellery making is a bit of a hobby of mine. I’m nowhere near as good as I would like to be, even after doing a course, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

It would be amazing if jewellery making could be more than a hobby but for now, I am just having fun with it, making pieces every now and again for myself, friends and family.

I started with a curb chain bracelet as a base and added beads and charms individually.

I am actually quite impressed with how the bracelets turned out to be honest!

Beaded decorative stars

Again putting my jewellery making (in)abilities to use to make some festive stars. These catch the light really well if you hang them in the window.

I bought a star/snowflake ornament frame and simply added beads to each spoke. I used tiny rubber earring backs at the end of each spoke to stop the beads coming off. Then I attached some ribbon to hang them up.


This was so simple.  The local pound shop had a pack of festive wooden shapes so I snapped them up as soon as I saw them.

I just painted them brown and threaded some red twine through them. I added a gold craft peg in between and hung my Christmas cards on them.

Handprint and footprint canvas pictures

I LOVE THESE! Okay, so the designs are basically the same as the Christmas cards we made, but we can get these out and hang them up every year.

I got a pack of four small canvases from The Works for about £3, and I used the poster paint I already had at home. I wasn’t sure if it would work with poster paint but it turned out really well.

Molly absolutely loved making these canvas pictures and she was so well behaved too. I will definitely get them out and hang them proudly every year. And because Molly loved making these so much, I now have a new go-to gift idea for family and friends!

Voila! Crafty Christmas – Handmade Gift Ideas

Merry Christmas and as always, thank you for reading, Sam x