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Pure Unfiltered Honesty

Can you imagine a world where everyone was honest, all of the time? A world where we all said exactly what we meant with no umming, ahhing or second-guessing? Would we all get along better, or would the world descend into chaos? It would probably be […]

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Big fat failure!

Big fat failure! That’s what I am! I hate to say it, but it’s true. Last month I decided to go back to university and study for a Masters Degree in Multimedia Journalism. Before starting on the course I had so many worries. I deliberated […]

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Are we still superstitious of Friday 13th?

Are we still superstitious of Friday 13th? The superstitious among us may think of it as a scary and unlucky day. At least I think that’s the general consensus, isn’t it? The day tends to bring talk of not leaving the house, not organising an event […]

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